[Orix]The first ball that Yoshinobu Yamamoto did not throw easily Behind the scenes of the no-hit no-run feat –Professional baseball reporter column –Baseball column: Nikkan Sports

Looking back, it was the first ball. Orix ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto (23) achieved a no-hit no-run, the 86th (97th) in the history of professional baseball in the Seibu match (Belluna) on the 18th. Taking the last out, jersey number 18 took a delightful water shower from the rushing bench nine, the bullpen team. After that, […]

Naoya Inoue is the first Japanese to be No. 1 in PFP!The Ring, a long-established US magazine, has been selected as the “world’s strongest” boxer for all classes –Boxing: Nikkan Sports

Professional Boxing WBA Super, WBC, IBF World Bantamweight Champion Naoya Inoue (29 = Ohashi) has finally been selected as the “World’s Strongest” Boxer for All Classes. The Ring, the world’s most prestigious boxing magazine, announces the latest rankings of each class such as the Pound for Pound (PFP) ranking that decides the strongest boxer that […]

[French Open Tennis]DeNA Takuro Ishii’s second daughter Sayaka debuts in four major tournaments and loses encouragement from her father –Tennis: Nikkan Sports

◇ 29th ◇ Junior Women’s Singles Round 1 etc. [Paris 29th = Tadahiro Yoshimatsu]Sayaka Ishii (16 = HSS), the second daughter of DeNA Takuro Ishii fielder general coach who played an active part in professional baseball DeNA BayStars and entered the Meikyukai, made her debut in the four major tournaments. Ishii, who is 45th in […]