Ning Panita Opens Up About Divorce and Lawsuit Against Third Party

“Ning Panita” has recently opened up about her breakup with ex-husband “Jin” after he made the announcement. She mentioned that she usually does not speak up for herself but feels the need to express her feelings this time. After suffering for 11 years, she can manage the situation currently, but does not want to continue […]

Extreme torture “Ning Panita” won “Jin” to clear family problems: PPTVHD36

“Ning-Panita Thammawattana” reveals the state of mind after coming out to open about family problems with her husband, won “Jin” to clear the problem. Extremely tortured, not knowing how to live It’s a matter of whether it was last week until this week. Still featured After the young actress and the strongest female drama producer […]

“Tanya” revealed the clip of “Ning-Jin” still in the same house. Advise you to think quickly. Time cannot be reversed : PPTVHD36

“Tanya-Tanyaret Engtrakul” posted a clip on TIKTOK. The husband of “Ning Panita” and “Jin” are still in the same house. Netizens said to send encouragement “Ning Panita” presses on onefall “Jin” before preparing to open his heart again to solve her husband’s problems “Ning Panita” he shouted! weak overtime Give me some time to clear […]