According to the report, defense companies earn less

Ukraine, Middle East – in view of wars and conflicts, countries around the world want to buy weapons and ammunition. Arms companies can hardly save themselves from orders – and still have a problem. The revenues of the world’s 100 largest defense companies have fallen despite the war in Ukraine. According to a report published […]

US-Canada border | Car explodes at US border with Canada

Shortly before Thanksgiving, an incident at the border with Canada shocked the USA: a car exploded at the border crossing near the famous Niagara Falls. The background is still unclear. A car races towards a border crossing in the USA, flies tens of meters through the air and bursts into flames: The car’s mysterious journey […]

US Commerce Secretary Lemond Warns China: Patience of US Businesses Wearing Thin

US Commerce Secretary Calls for Predictable Environment and Fair Play in US-China Relations By Reuters Staff WASHINGTON – In a recent interview broadcast on September 3, US Commerce Secretary Lemond expressed concerns over the deteriorating patience of American businesses operating in China. He emphasized the need for a predictable environment and a level playing field, […]

Cleveland Fed President: US Labor Market Remains Strong Amid Signs of Balancing

Strong US Labor Market Shows Signs of Balancing, Says Federal Reserve Official Washington, DC – In a recent speech, Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank President Loretta Mester emphasized that despite indications of balancing, the US labor market remains resilient. Mester also highlighted the importance of data-driven interest rate decisions. “Despite witnessing some improvements in the balance […]

Struggling NCsoft CEO Kim Taek-jin aims for success with new game in North America

NCsoft CEO, Kim Taek-jin, is facing challenges in developing his next game for the North American market. To successfully target this market, President Kim has decided to remove elements from his previous game, Lineage, and focus on creating a new game that will appeal to North American gamers. The upcoming game, Throne and Liberty, is […]

Philadelphia Fed President Expects No Further Interest Rate Hikes This Year

Philadelphia Fed President Expects No Further Interest Rate Hikes in 2020 New York, August 24 (Reuters) – Speaking at the Kansas City Fed’s Jackson Hole symposium in Wyoming, Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank President John Harker expressed his belief that the Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates any further this year. In an exclusive interview […]

Private Equity Firm Roke Capital to Acquire Subway in Conditional $9.55 Billion Deal

Roke Capital to Acquire Subway in $9.55 Billion Deal New York, 2021 – In a significant development, private equity firm Roke Capital has announced its plan to acquire the renowned American sandwich chain, Subway, for a staggering $9.55 billion. Under the terms of the acquisition, the deal will be executed as an earn-out, whereby the […]