NVIDIA GTX 1630 compatible driver released… Stability and bug fixes

▲ Data provided = NVIDIA While the GTX 1630 was officially announced, NVIDIA officially released the driver 516.59 WHQL corresponding to it. The released 516.59v WHQL driver adds support for GTX 1630, adds support for Windows 11 22H2, and adds support for CUDA 11.7. In addition, several problems have been resolved. Representatively, when running with […]

Nvidia RTX 40 series latest rumor spec, TDP 450W strand

A new spec rumor has recently been reported regarding the NVIDIA RTX 40 series, which is expected to be released in the second half of this year. As for the contents, it was mentioned by Twitter Kopite7kimi, who posts various specifications and rumor information before product release, RTX 4090 has 16,384 CUDA, RTX 4080 has […]

‘Requiem’ to address DLSS and NVIDIA ray tracing

With the development of computer graphics and the improvement of graphics card performance, ray tracing, a technology for more realistic expression, is rapidly spreading in recent years. Nvidia adds NVIDIA DLSS and ray tracing support to Flag Tail: Requiem. ▲ Photo courtesy of NVIDIA ‘Flag Tale: Requiem’ is the sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘Flag […]

’20W low power’ NVIDIA entry-level GT 1010 graphics card launched

NVIDIA has released the low-end graphics card GT1010 that consumes 20W of power. (photo source = colorful) The graphic card released this time was confirmed as the colorful GeForce GT 1010, and it features GDDR4 memory instead of the existing GDDR5. As for VRAM, it has a TDP of 2GB and a 64-bit memory bus […]

Rumors to target the 100,000 won market NVIDIA GTX 1630, launch mid-June

It was reported that NVIDIA has delayed the release date in relation to the GTX 1630, which is aimed at the entry-level market of 100,000 won. The news was confirmed through the major foreign media Wccftech and Videocardz, and it was announced that the NVIDIA GTX 1630 was changed to June 15, which was delayed […]