The former guardian deity Hanshin is “failure to see players” Awakening that could not be expected … “Loss” recognized by the formation of falcons | Full Account

Why I didn’t endorse Roberto Suarez Pitcher Roberto Suarez reigned as the absolute guardian of Hanshin in the 2020 and 2021 seasons. I was registered in Softbank from 2016 to 2019, but the evaluation was never high. Manabu Fujita, a former Nankai pitcher who has long been in charge of programming for Softbank, also gave […]

“I’m going to cry” and “Do your best!”

Softbank’s Takuya Kai is training hard to overcome the “framing” catch technique Softbank holder Takuya Kai is working hard on the latest training to “overcome weaknesses.” In the voluntary training, he trains hard on the catching technique of the “framing” catcher, which he recognizes as an issue. Seeing him repeat constant moves to recover from […]

Is Nippon-Ham’s New Stadium Favorable for Hudders? A reserve army of long range artillery one after the other … “bases” for Kiyomiya and others to benefit | Full Account

The escon field is asymmetrical and linear from both wings to the centre From the 2023 season, Nippon-Ham will move its base to “Escon Field Hokkaido”. The new stadium incorporates many new elements that have never existed before, such as a retractable roof and natural grass on the ground, as well as hot springs and […]