Tears are the smallest ocean humans can make |Lattice vocus

There was once Donald Gould, a homeless man in Florida, who could not eat three meals a day. On rainy days, you can only temporarily shelter from the rain under the eaves of the shop. He looks very depressed, and he hasn’t shaved his beard for a long time. Nobody cares if such a person […]

The actress took the mobile phone… Mother was perplexed, “I don’t know how to read the password”, and the next moment, the mother exclaimed: The son-in-law is so pathetic|Entertainment| QUANTITY

Actress Lai Linen married her long-time boyfriend Chen Nairong in 2017. The couple would show their affection on the Internet from time to time. Chen Nairong even wrote “10 Quotations of Husband Survival” on the social platform a few days ago. of them is “from time to time I forget my password, because you set […]

Screenwriters analyze the success code of Wang Xiaoping’s main theme drama: screenwriters must have fresh characters in their hearts_Creation_Song Fangjin_TV series

Original title: Screenwriters analyze the success code of the drama Wang Xiaoping’s main theme: Screenwriters must have fresh characters in their hearts Sohu Entertainment News (Lin Zhen / Text) The Global Screenwriting Forum was recently held at the Binhu Service Center in Changzhi, Shanxi Province. Famous screenwriters Wang Xiaoping, Wang Wanping, Song Fangjin, and Zhou […]

[프리미엄리포트]A world without passwords is coming : Dong-A Science

“Member ID or password does not match” IT giants, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Naver, and Samsung Electronics, are preparing for a world without passwords. Sitting in front of the phrase asking you to set a password creates a dilemma. A password that is easy to remember is less secure, and a highly secure password cannot […]