Qualcomm withdraws 1 trillion fine for ‘patent abuse’ … Why Samsung can’t just smile

Today’s Money Reporter Kim Seung-han | 2023.04.16 07:14 Citizens walk in front of a building in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, where the headquarters of Qualcomm Korea is located. 2019.12.4/News1 ⓒ News Reporter1 Min Kyung-seok Qualcomm, which forced mobile phone manufacturers to make unfair contracts with so-called ‘patent abuse’, was fined 1 trillion won. Samsung Electronics and Intel […]

[건설로봇 특허] ‘Innovation with atypical architecture, robots’… Hyundai Engineering 3D robot modeling technology

[비즈월드] ‘Construction robots’, seen only in games like StarCraft, are active in real construction sites. Construction robots have the ability to constantly perform sophisticated tasks, and at the same time they are responsible for the safety of workers by replacing dangerous tasks. The construction industry is working hard on technology development and patent registration to […]

[특허 in 마켓] Eden Farm obtained a patent for a device and mixing system for accurate cosmetic manufacturing

Deok-Hyun Kim, CEO of Eden Farm, an OEM/ODM cosmetic manufacturer, applied on August 23, 2022 (Application No. 1020220105367) and received registration (Registration No. 102501003) on February 14 this year. Representative illustration of the ‘Apparatus and Systems patent. A drawing of a blending device for the manufacture of cosmetics according to the embodiment. Photo = Cyprus […]

unpacking the formula for success “PVT” to the owner of international patent products

Importantly, there is a notification system when the machine is not working. or begins to tend to deviate The dispenser can easily check the condition of the machine. And communicate with users through different platforms quickly and accurately. which after installing the distributor The software can also be upgraded to meet additional customer needs. Always […]

Seasun Therapeutics registered a domestic patent for a skin-penetrating antisense PNA treatment… Expanding original platform technology

SEASUN Therapeutics (CEO Kim Hye-joo), a company specializing in new drug development, developed POLIGO, a source technology using artificial nucleic acid (PNA), to overcome the drawback that existing antisense oligonucleotide treatments ( ASO) penetrates the skin without a separate carrier It was announced on the 10th that it has registered a patent for the expansion […]

“Free transfer of 37,000 cases of public technology per year”…The 8th technology transfer commercialization promotion plan

” style = ” cursor: pointer ; “itemprop=”image”> The government provides autonomy and incentives to technology innovators, such as companies and public research institutions, to take on challenges and risks. Support is provided for institutional reform and the stimulation of start-ups so that companies can freely borrow and transfer public technology, and public research institutions […]

Brady New Materials: Focusing on the upstream market, R&D investment is much higher than its peers

Global Current Affairs 49q1kkSUWGQarticleHungarian PM: Sanctions on Russia will make Europe in 49q1kMesbG2articleAt the press conference of the Moscow fighting competition, Russian and American players “fought” 49q1Ve5Lwe6articleThis year’s No. 16 typhoon “Olu” has weakened to a tropical 49q1dmuoG3ParticleBrazilian military jets are targeting the US 49q1cNY39TjarticleSwitzerland ditches France to buy F-35 fighter […]