Valve Reveals Steam Deck OLED: New Features, Price, and Release Date

Valve to Release New Steam Deck OLED Model in Japan Komodo to Handle Sales for Highly Anticipated Portable Gaming Console Valve will be launching the new Steam Deck OLED, a highly anticipated upgrade to its portable gaming console, on November 17th. In Japan, sales will be handled by Komodo, with the 512GB model priced at […]

Is the MSI Summit E16 Flip A13V the Best Gaming Notebook for You?

When choosing a gaming notebook, the most important factors to consider are the CPU, GPU, and display panel performance. These directly impact comfort and win rates, as smoother frames and clear visuals are crucial for gaming. However, the focus should not solely be on numerical performance but also on usability. One model that stands out […]

Ayaneo Introduces New ‘Ayaneo Flip’ Portable Game Console Series Inspired by Nintendo DS

Ayaneo Introduces the Innovative Flip Series Portable Game Consoles The renowned Chinese portable gaming PC manufacturer, Ayaneo, has recently unveiled an exciting addition to their lineup – the Ayaneo Flip series. Inspired by the iconic Nintendo DS, this new collection offers gamers a cutting-edge portable gaming experience like no other. As reported by reputable IT […]

Introducing the GPD WIN Mini: A Revolutionary Portable Gaming Computer

GPD WIN Mini: A Revolutionary Portable Gaming Computer Set to Launch Tokyo, Japan – Hold your breath, gaming enthusiasts! The much-awaited GPD WIN Mini, an outstanding 7-inch LCD gaming computer, is set to hit the market at the end of December. The official domestic version, exclusively sold by Tenku, is now available for pre-orders, allowing […]

ROG ALLY Gaming Handheld PC Sells Out During Live Broadcast, Surpassing Expectations

S-Rise Reports Sold-Out PC Gaming Live Trade via 11th Street S-Rise, the official distributor of ASUS, announced today that the highly anticipated PC gaming live trade event, ‘ROG ALLY,’ held on September 5th, sold out within minutes. ROG ALLY, featuring the cutting-edge Windows-based gaming handheld PC, experienced overwhelming demand during the live broadcast. Within just […]

The Dell Alienware M18 R1: A Cosmic Laptop with Unforgettable Design and Powerful Performance

Dell Alienware: A Premium Gaming Brand with a Unique Personality Dell Technologies’ Alienware has always been a brand that meets the standards of users seeking a unique and high-performance gaming experience. For those who want something special and different, Alienware offers a premium PC gaming brand with a distinctive presence. One of Alienware’s latest releases, […]