90 thousand rupees fine for vehicles on Padma Bridge and Expressway

The traffic department fined 90,000 taka to 24 vehicles including motorcycles on Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Expressway on Padma bridge and Dhaka-Mawa highway for disobeying the instructions. Munshiganj Traffic Police raided various points of Padma Bridge and Expressway from morning to evening on Tuesday (May 2). Munshiganj District Traffic Inspector (Finance and Administration) Bazlur Rahman […]

Youth jailed for spreading obscene messages in the name of female municipal mayor

<span style="max-width:100%" class="jwMediaContent jw_media_holder aligncenter" data-align="aligncenter" id="ari-image-1" data-ari=""path":"media/2023/04/26/a96b4a473e97902a2199f8234df42ce4-6448f1cded160.jpg","width":"700","alt":"u09b8u09beu099cu09beu09aau09cdu09b0u09beu09aau09cdu09a4 u09afu09c1u09acu0995u0964 u099bu09acu09bf: u0986u099cu0995u09c7u09b0 u09aau09a4u09cdu09b0u09bfu0995u09be","fullscreen":1,"align":"aligncenter","viewPort":".featured_image","url":"","id":1,"caption":"u09b8u09beu099cu09beu09aau09cdu09b0u09beu09aau09cdu09a4 u09afu09c1u09acu0995u0964 u099bu09acu09bf: u0986u099cu0995u09c7u09b0 u09aau09a4u09cdu09b0u09bfu0995u09be","wrapCaption":"u09b8u09beu099cu09beu09aau09cdu09b0u09beu09aau09cdu09a4 u09afu09c1u09acu0995u0964 u099bu09acu09bf: u0986u099cu09 95u09c7u09b0 u09aau09a4u09cdu09b0u09bfu0995u09be“”> A court sentenced a young man to 2 years imprisonment and a fine of Tk 2 lakh for posting pictures and obscene messages on Facebook in the name of Mayor Roksana Mortza Lilly of […]

Penalty for driving less than 120 kmph

The minimum speed limit has been fixed at 120 km/h to avoid accidents on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Road in the Middle Eastern country of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Khaleej Times’ news.

Prosecution seeks Chun Doo-hwan’s unpaid fines…Dividend of criminal proceeds recovery department

[사진=고 전두환 전 대통령 손자 전우원씨 인스타그램 갈무] Prosecutors have launched a full-fledged investigation into the suspicion of ‘Chun Doo-hwan’s slush fund’, which was revealed by former President Chun Doo-hwan’s grandson Jeon Woo-won. According to the legal community on the 22nd, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office assigned the case the day before to the […]

Penalty for late payment of workers in Oman

Private sector organizations in Oman will be fined if they delay the salaries of their workers, the Ministry of Labor has said. Employers who delay paying their employees will be fined 100 Riyals per employee per month. Of the 24,000 labor complaints received by Oman’s Ministry of Labor in 2022, more than 13,000 were related […]

The children are too noisy…A single mother was brutally beaten by “neighbors and family members” with a concussion and horror photos went viral | International | QUANTITY

A single mother in Henan, mainland China, was beaten by a family of four neighbors downstairs. The reason for the incident was that the neighbors downstairs thought the children upstairs were too noisy. A single mother has already the police were called and he went to hospital The case is currently being processed. According to […]

Murder suspect sentenced to death in front of people – Taliban | Afghanistan

Kabul ∙ The accused was publicly executed by the Taliban government in Afghanistan in the murder case. A spokesman for the Taliban responded that this was the first public execution since taking over in Afghanistan last year. In 2017, the suspect in the stabbing death of a man in Western Farah province was publicly executed. […]

Air India hits back: Passengers to pay Rs 988.25 crore; Booked by US-Air India USA

Washington – Tata Group-owned Air India has been ordered by the United States to pay Rs 988.25 crore ($121.5 million) in refunds to passengers and Rs 11.38 crore ($1.4 million) in fines. The action of the US Department of Transportation is the delay in refunding the ticket money to the passengers after the cancellation of […]