“Macron, robber of the poor” – Again protests against France’s pension reform

The protests in France against Macron’s pension reform continue: on May 1, thousands of citizens demonstrated again in several cities. Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in France on May 1 against President Emmanuel Macron’s controversial pension reform, which often led to riots. There were arrests and injuries in Paris and other major cities, and […]

Strikes against pension reform disrupt air traffic to and from France

Flight connections to and from France are likely to be delayed and canceled around May 1st. Strikes against the pension reform are the reason. Renewed strikes against the pension reform in France will hamper air traffic in France next weekend. Flight cancellations and delays in Paris Orly and Charles de Gaulle, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Nantes, […]

Macron’s pension reform threatens to become a problem for Germany

No matter how important a reform of the French pension system may be: If Macron doesn’t stop it after all, Germany will also have a problem. If the resistance is too great, a step back is often smarter than counter-pressure. This applies, for example, when a table in the corner does not want to fit […]

Constitutional Council approves key points of pension reform

The French Constitutional Council has decided on President Macron’s pension reform. There have been protests against the project for months. The French Constitutional Council has approved the main points of the controversial pension reform. In a statement published on Friday evening, the top guardians of the constitution gave their approval, among other things, to the […]

More than 1,000 emergency services injured by violence

Thousands of French people have been protesting against Macron’s pension reform since mid-March. Massive violence occurs again and again. The Minister of the Interior is now providing figures. 1,093 police officers and firefighters have been injured in violent protests against pension reforms in France since mid-March. This number is given by the Ministry of the […]

Riots in France – 175 police officers injured

175 police officers were injured in renewed protests against the French government’s pension plans. Riots broke out in several cities. The protests in France against the pension reform have again led to riots in several cities. 175 of the approximately 13,000 police officers and gendarmes who were deployed yesterday were injured, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin […]

Pension reform in France I Anger at President Macron: “Or he’s kidding us”

Despite massive criticism, the French President is sticking to his pension reform. Now he has defended his plan. In the heated dispute over the pension reform and shortly before new planned mass protests, French President Emmanuel Macron resolutely defended the reform project. “This reform is not a luxury, it is not a pleasure, it is […]

French government toppling over pension reform?

For weeks, many French have been up in arms against the pension reform. The government now has to face motions of no confidence in Parliament on Monday. After the nationwide protests against the pension reform in France, the government is under massive pressure. Critics of the reform vented their anger on the streets again on […]

France’s pension reform I Riot in Paris: More than 200 arrests

France has been arguing about a higher retirement age for weeks – there is considerable resistance. President Macron is now taking power. Last night, 217 people were arrested by police during a protest in Paris against government action on pension reforms. The France Info station reported that riots broke out on the Place de la […]

Opposition rages: Macron tricks pension reform

With a trick, the French president skips the parliamentary vote on the controversial pension reform. New protests are imminent. France’s government pushed the controversial pension reform through parliament without a final vote. She decided on Thursday to implement President Emmanuel Macron’s most important reform project without a vote in the National Assembly. However, the gradual […]