A political failure of the first order

Good morning dear reader, you can still register a particularly memorable sentence of a teacher or professor, someone you haven’t been able to get out of your head ever since? Was it because you found it terrible but already suspected that it contained a grain of truth? Just these days I’m thinking about how my […]

Su Yiming Returns to Shougang Big Diving Stage and Advances to World Cup Finals

Su Yiming Soars to World Cup Finals Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, December 1 Winter Olympic champion Su Yiming returned to the Shougang Ski Jump with a remarkable performance, securing a spot in the men’s snowboard big jump finals at the 2023-2024 FIS Snowboard and Freestyle Ski Jumping World Cup. Su Yiming earned a total score […]

Tokyo Stock Market Closes Down Amid US Monetary Tightening Concerns

Nikkei Stock Average Closes Lower Amid US Monetary Tightening Concerns November 10, Tokyo – On November 10th, the Nikkei Stock Average closed at 32,568.11 yen, marking a decrease of 78.35 yen from the previous trading day. This decline came amidst concerns about a prolonged period of US monetary tightening, which also contributed to the downward […]

Tokyo Stock Market Sees Decline as Nikkei Stock Average Falls to 32,491.24 Yen

Tokyo Stock Market Sees Decline in Nikkei Stock Average By Professional Journalist The Tokyo stock market experienced a decline in the Nikkei Stock Average on November 10th, with a decrease of 155.22 yen to 32,491.24 yen compared to the previous business day. This trend follows a similar pattern to the US market, where all three […]

Nintendo Announces Live-Action Film Based on “The Legend of Zelda”

Nintendo Announces Live-Action Film Adaptation of “The Legend of Zelda” Game Series TOKYO (Reuters) – Nintendo (7974.T) has revealed plans to develop a live-action film based on its beloved game series “The Legend of Zelda.” The company has enlisted the talents of industry veterans Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Super Mario, and Avi Arad, known […]

Premiere of National Opera ‘Azalea’: A Revolutionary Journey of Sacrifice and Tenacity

The Original National Opera “Azalea” Set to Premiere Azaleas blooming in the mountains, symbolic of hope and resilience, have long been associated with the arrival of the Red Army. This powerful imagery has resonated with audiences for decades, particularly in the widely acclaimed film “Sparkling Red Star.” Now, this beloved episode titled “Yingshanhong” will take […]

New Study Reveals ‘Super Melanin’ Cream Doubles Skin Healing Speed

New Study Shows ‘Super Melanin’ Cream Speeds Up Skin Healing Entering the world of regenerative medicine, scientists at Northwestern University have developed a breakthrough in wound healing. In a recent study published in the prestigious journal Regenerative Medicine, researchers demonstrate that applying a specially formulated ‘super melanin’ cream can significantly accelerate the healing process of […]

Successful Revival of ‘Qiankun Belt’: A Resurrection of the New School Classic

New Style Revival Performance of “Qiankun Belt” Receives Rave Reviews Tianjin Ping Theater showcases a successful performance at the Red Flag Theater Yesterday at the Red Flag Theater, the Tianjin Ping Theater brought new life to the classic play “The Band of Heaven and Earth,” enthralling the audience with their remarkable rendition. Known as one […]

Nikkei Stock Average Continues to Fall Amid US Federal Open Market Committee Results

On September 20, the Tokyo stock market experienced a continued decline, with the Nikkei Stock Average falling 218.81 yen from the previous business day to 33,023.78 yen. This downward trend was primarily attributed to position adjustment, following the announcement of the US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) results. Throughout the morning, the Nikkei average managed […]

Tickling and Laughter: The Role of Grey Matter in Rat’s Brain

The Science of Tickling: Tickling Rats Reveal Fascinating Insights into Laughter A research team at Humboldt University of Berlin, led by Professor Michael Brecht, has recently made groundbreaking discoveries about the connection between tickling and laughter in rats. Through their study, they have shed light on the intriguing neural mechanisms behind this fundamental human response. […]