Why is there so much murder on ARD and ZDF?

Good morning, dear reader, Let’s jump straight to the best moment of the day: At the end of the working week, millions of people will sink onto the sofa tonight. It’s finally over, feet up, a little glass of cheer-maker, aaah! Flicker box on, what is on offer in live TV and media libraries? This […]

Putin fights for the Baltic Sea

The shadow of the Ukraine war is also falling over the Baltic Sea. NATO can always expand its influence. Russia responded with threats. State of emergency on the Baltic Sea, parts of the Hanseatic city of Wismar are restricted areas on Thursday and Friday. Police and security forces cordon off the area around the old […]

Home Secretary Nancy Faeser condemns violent protests

Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser has criticized the protests against Lina E.’s conviction. FDP politician Kubicki also raises serious allegations against the Greens. Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser has severely criticized any excesses at the solidarity rallies for the student Lina E. “My appeal is again and I’m a little tougher: Vigilante justice […]

That is why the conflict does not come to an end

The conflict in Kosovo continues to escalate. What is the current situation – and what is behind the riots? An overview. The most important things at a glance The riots in northern Kosovo, which left 80 injured NATO soldiers and Serb civilians, mark the worst violent conflict in the small Balkan country in recent years. […]

Nancy Faeser threatens the left scene

The Saxon Higher Regional Court has sentenced the alleged left-wing extremist Lina E. to several years in prison. This is how the politicians reacted to the case. Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann (FDP) welcomed the Dresden verdict against the student. “You don’t fight extremism with extremism. We have to protect our liberal democracy from […]

Raids and arrests of alleged IS supporters

The terrorist militia IS is still fighting. Money is also being collected for this in Germany. The judiciary has now struck an almost nationwide blow. The federal prosecutor’s office has arrested seven suspected supporters of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” (IS). There are four women and three men, most of whom have German citizenship. In […]

NATO is sending hundreds of additional soldiers to Kosovo

After riots in Kosovo, NATO sends hundreds of additional soldiers. 30 members of NATO troops had previously been injured. After violent riots in Kosovo, NATO sends hundreds of additional soldiers to Kosovo. This was announced by the reserve command in Naples on Twitter. Accordingly, the deployment of a battalion of the so-called Operational Reserve Forces […]

Ukraine war I drone attack on Moscow? That’s behind it

Russia blames Ukraine for an alleged drone attack on its capital, which Kiev denies. What’s behind it? The most important things at a glance For more than 15 months, Russia has been waging a war of aggression against Ukraine. In the past few weeks, shelling and drone attacks have also increased in Russian regions. Now […]

Dozens of peacekeepers injured – the situation escalates

Violent riots broke out in northern Kosovo – dozens of NATO peacekeepers were injured in battles with militant Serbs. An overview. The most important things at a glance The conflict between Serbia and Kosovo is coming to a head. Dozens of NATO peacekeepers were injured in clashes in Serb-inhabited northern Kosovo. What exactly happened? How […]

Video: Cinematographic persecution in Bogotá after theft

On the morning of this Sunday, May 28, there was a moment of tension in the country’s capital after a burst of shots was heard in the vicinity of the Nemesio Camacho ‘El Campín’ stadium. The shooting was generated due to the police pursuit that sought to find suspected criminals after a theft. Some witnesses […]