SPD politician Michelle Müntefering fails in the vote

Michelle Müntefering wanted to secure a promising place on the list for the upcoming EU elections. She has now failed in a vote in her regional association. Herne Bundestag member Michelle Müntefering (43) failed in her first attempt to secure a promising place on the North Rhine-Westphalian SPD’s list for the 2024 European elections. At […]

“It can’t work like that”

The FDP politician Linda Teuteberg is a member of a commission that advocates for democracy education in schools. A conversation about voting in the classroom and the question of why Jörg Meuthen led to protests among students. FDP politician Linda Teuteberg, 42 years old, sounds in a good mood on the phone. Teuteberg sits on […]

Russia elections during war: “Regime must demonstrate its control”

In the middle of the brutal war of aggression against Ukraine, millions of Russians in Moscow and many regions are called to vote. What do they mean for the country and how dangerous can they be for Putin? Elections are taking place in Russia this Sunday. Dozens of governors and regional parliaments are up for […]

King Felipe VI proposes conservative Feijóo as head of government

The Spanish King Felipe VI. has made a decision: the previous leader of the opposition, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, should lead the next government. One month after the parliamentary elections in Spain, King Felipe VI. tasked conservative opposition leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo with forming the new government. The head of state announced this, said Lower House […]

Jeonbuk-do Blames Central Government for Accident, Poll Shows Public Blaming Current Government – President’s Approval Rating Drops

“Jeonbuk-do Holds Central Government Responsible for Accident,” Says Jae-ok Yoon The recent poll reveals that 65% of respondents hold the current government accountable for the accident, causing a decline in the president’s approval rating. Furthermore, concerns arise within the party as they attempt to shift blame onto the previous administration in their second year of […]

Before voting on Israel’s judicial reform

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has received a pacemaker. The surgery is said to have gone well – but troubled times are still waiting for the head of state. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has left the hospital after undergoing surgery to insert a pacemaker. According to a spokesman for the Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer […]

Heart surgery before vote on judicial reform

Israeli President Netanyahu is scheduled to receive a pacemaker later today. He reported from the hospital. Shortly before a decisive vote in parliament on the planned restructuring of the judiciary, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to be given a pacemaker. “I’m doing great, but I’m listening to my doctors,” Netanyahu said in a video […]

The winner of the election must not become prime minister

Political chaos reigns in Thailand. The elected Prime Minister candidate may not take office. Nobody knows what will happen in the Southeast Asian country. After a day full of surprising turns in parliament, Thailand’s election winner Pita Limjaroenrat has no chance of becoming the next prime minister. Actually, the 42-year-old should have faced a second […]

Andreas Scheuer apparently voted for the AfD application

Two CSU deputies approved a motion by the AfD in a Bundestag committee. One of the two speaks of an accident. According to a report, two members of the Bundestag from the CSU voted in favor of a motion by the AfD. The “Spiegel” reports, citing several participants in the vote in the European Committee. […]