It can come up with a ban; The Premier League accuses Manchester City of financial irregularities

The English Premier League authorities have accused Manchester City of breaching the league’s financial rules. Between 2009 and 2018, the club has been accused of breaking various financial regulations. Criticism is that they did not provide accurate information about the club’s financial position, including sponsorship income. Allegation of non-disclosure of related parties’ income and operating […]

Wat Kom ‘Ken-Haland’!! Check the readiness for the big Spurs vs Man City game

This week’s big Premier League games, Spurs prepare to host Manchester City on Sunday, February 5, and watch the instant showdown between Harry Kane and Erling Haaland. The big games of this week’s Premier League football battles will be anything but impossible “Golden Trash Chicken” Tottenham Hotspur The top 5 team open their home to […]

Even want to wait! De Zerbi: Team ready to move on without ‘Psychedo’

Brighton and Hove Albion boss Roberto De Zerbi believes the club are ready to move on even without Moises Caisedo. Midfield player for the Ecuadorian national team Continue to be in the news about the team’s move. during the last curve of the January market, with Arsenal came the team that wanted him most Their […]