Enter for a Chance to Win the OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7 in the Commemoration Campaign

OM Digital Solutions has recently launched an exciting campaign to celebrate the release of the highly anticipated “OM SYSTEM Tough TG-7” waterproof compact digital camera. The company, formerly known as Olympus, is giving the opportunity to win a “Tough TG-7” through a lottery. The campaign is open until October 13, 2023. During the campaign period, […]

The 7th Chinese Opera Culture Week Concludes with Record-Breaking Attendance

Successful Conclusion of the 7th Chinese Opera Culture Week Last night, the seven-day Chinese Opera Culture Week came to an end as the Chinese Opera Concert “National Style Super Drama” concluded on the outdoor stage of Gate 3 Square at the Beijing Garden Expo. The event drew a crowd of 100,000 visitors and garnered over […]

The Best Teacher: One Year Later, A Teacher’s Nightmare

Mayu Matsuoka Stars in Gripping Drama “The Best Teacher: 1 Year Later, I Was Bullied by a Student” The highly-anticipated drama series, “The Best Teacher: 1 Year Later, I Was Bullied by a Student,” featuring Mayu Matsuoka in the lead role, has finally premiered. From the very first episode, viewers have been captivated by the […]

Consumer-made hot chicken and jjapaguri… “Eat this way” companies are learning

Reporter Yoo Ye-rim of Money Today | 2023.06.03 16:10 When I searched for ‘soft tofu hot ramen’ on Instagram, 10,000 related posts came up./Photo = captured by Instagram In response to the so-called ‘modishumer’ craze, where consumers reinterpret existing products in their own way, the industry releases new products that take their tastes into account, […]