Macron loses absolute majority in France; The Left Front is the main opposition

Macron loses absolute majority in France; The Left Front is the main opposition Paris: President Emmanuel Macron failed to prove a simple majority in the French parliamentary elections. In the second round of voting, Macron failed to prove a majority. The Macron-led coalition won only 245 seats in the 577 – member National Assembly, which […]

Former Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myung throws his vote for the National Assembly by-election two months after regime change

Declaring candidacy in Incheon’s Gyeyang-gu by-election, citing ‘responsibility’ 11 times, revealing his ambition to make up for his loss in the presidential electionCriticized that he is running for BTS to secure the privilege of non-arresting members of the National Assembly to avoid investigation into allegations of the People’s Power Lee Jae-myung, senior adviser of the […]

[알고보니] Is Korea’s ‘conflict’ number one in the world?

I know it starts. These are the titles of articles that have recently been cited in the Internet community and are causing controversy. “Korea has become the world’s first in conflict”, “Korea is the place where the cultural war is the most severe”. It is said that the conflicts in our society are at the […]

Park Ji-hyeon selected as co-chairman of Democratic ‘Nth room tracking’

◀ anchor ▶ The Democratic Party of Korea (Democratic Party), which was trying to deal with the defeat in the presidential election, dramatically appointed Park Ji-hyeon, an activist of the ‘Nth Room Tracking Team’, as the joint emergency response chairperson. The Democratic Party emphasized youth and women, people’s livelihood and unity, and filled half of […]