The price of ice cream doubles in a month in Argentina

The recent primary elections in Argentina have led to a strong devaluation of the peso, exponentially increasing the costs of goods and services. Small businesses, such as kiosks, face the crossroads of adapting their prices to survive. When Ernesto Acuña, the owner of a kiosk in Buenos Aires, received his supplier’s new price list for […]

Rising Inflation in Saudi Arabia: Building Rents and Consumer Goods Prices Soar

Saudi Arabia Faces Significant Increase in Consumer Goods Prices, Contributing to Annual Inflation Annual Inflation Reaches 2.7% in June, Alarming General Authority for Statistics Yambu: Consumer goods in Saudi Arabia have witnessed a considerable surge in prices, prompting concerns over the country’s economy. The General Authority for Statistics has recently announced an alarming 2.7% rise […]

Microsoft Sneakily Changes Conversion Rate for Xbox Subscription Plan

Microsoft Alters Xbox Subscription Plan Conversion Rates Microsoft has recently adjusted the conversion rates for their Xbox subscription plan, causing a stir among gaming enthusiasts. The exact date of implementation remains unknown due to the absence of an official announcement. However, based on past patterns, the conversion ratios have typically been as follows: for Live […]

Rahul Gandhi Slams BJP Government for Skyrocketing Prices of Essential Commodities

Rahul Gandhi Slams Government for Soaring Prices of Essential Commodities New Delhi, Date: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is facing staunch criticism from Congress leader Rahul Gandhi over the relentless surge in prices of essential commodities. Gandhi, through his Twitter handle, lambasted the central government for its inability to rein in the skyrocketing prices of […]

The Rising Cost of Naengmyeon: Prices Increase by 29.5% in the Past Five Years

Increase in Price of Naengmyeon Signals the Arrival of Summer Heat Wave In anticipation of the scorching summer temperatures, the price of the beloved summer delicacy, naengmyeon, has witnessed a substantial surge. The Korea Price Information, a reputable price research agency, recently conducted a survey across 10 districts in Seoul to track the prices of […]

How long will inflation last?

Good morning, dear reader, whether it’s peppers, cucumbers or butter: we’re feeling inflation particularly hard for many foods. But where does that lead? How long will prices continue to rise and can they fall again? Or is inflation making us all poor? I talk about this with the head of the business department at t-online, […]

Is food getting more expensive in Germany now?

Southern Europe is suffering from drought – and that in April. Germans will feel the persistent drought primarily in their wallets. Rising prices are only a matter of time. Strawberries from Spain, wine from France, Parmesan from Italy – this is quite normal in German supermarkets. But for how long – and at what price? […]