July 1, 2022. What’s the price increase in products? Check it out!

July 1, 2022 parade “product price increase” More and more types such as Cooking gas prices, gas prices, Mama, beer, various foods bymore expensive This time, it has a huge impact on consumers. There will be “What products have increased prices?” Check it out here! Product price increase today 1 July 2022 LPG cooking gas […]

The price of upstream wood pulp continues to be high, and paper companies have announced price increases. What will happen next? _ Oriental Fortune Network

Paper, which can be seen everywhere in life, is ushering in a wave of “price increases”. With the intensive announcement of price increases by major paper companies, “Luoyang paper is expensive” will make a comeback?   Paper companies have announced price hikes “The purchase price of paper in the store has been rising recently, and the […]

Too much inflationary pressure? Tesla raises prices twice in a week!

On March 15, Tesla again raised the prices of its products in China and the U.S. market, the second time the company has raised prices in less than a week. In the U.S. market, Tesla raised the prices of all models; in the Chinese market, Tesla raised the prices of some locally produced Model 3 […]

Transaction changes!Huitong Group: The deviation of the closing price increase in the past 3 trading days has exceeded 20%, and there is no significant information that has not been disclosed_Oriental Fortune Network

  Huitong Group(SH 603176, closing price: 10.29 yuan) Released on the evening of January 24announcementIt is stated that the deviation of the daily closing price increase of Huitong Construction Group Co., Ltd.’s stock for two consecutive trading days on January 21 and January 24, 2022 has accumulated more than 20%.After verification, the company has not found […]

Yongfengyu series of toilet paper drawn rose 8% after the Lunar New Year-Free Finance

The toilet paper extracted from the Yongfengyu series will increase by 8% after the Lunar New Year (photographed by reporter Li Lianghui) [Reporter Li Lianghui/Taipei Report]As production costs continue to rise, since 2018, papermakers who have avoided talking about “price increases” for three years have finally been unable to sustain themselves. They produce Mayflowers, tenderness, […]