Prime Video is available in Thailand. Knock the price of 149 baht per month.

Amazon Prime video is now available in Thailand. Set a promotional price of 149 baht per month. Add content from Thailand shows. Ready to continue investing in Thailand Starting with the introduction of ‘Mario Maurer’ to introduce Thai people to Prime Video with the premiere of Thirteen Lives on August 5th. Josh McIver, Prime Video’s […]

[뉴스쉽] Corona and high exchange rate… Can you travel abroad?

Mr. Oh, an office worker in his 30s, decided to go on a trip to New York again last year, which he had given up on due to the corona crisis. Before the first summer vacation, when social distancing was lifted, I bought my plane ticket to New York early and even made a hotel […]

A-share pig companies generally predict losses in the 2022 interim report

Original title: A-share pig companies 2022 interim report generally pre-lost in July, pig raising turned losses into surplus and stable inventory At present, the leading pig breeding enterprises such as Muyuan Co., Ltd. (002714), New Hope (000876), and Zhengbang Technology (002157) have successively announced their performance forecasts for the first half of 2022. But “Second […]

Great trick. Yellow label “discount” like this. Tears will flow.

We all have to lose products. “discount” see the word “discount” productpromotion They almost ran into each other. because it feels worthwhile to get the producteconomical price But many times the arrangementpromotionThe price reduction is onlymarketingonly, whether it’s buy 1 get 1 free, 50 % discount or even the whole productyellow label Date 15 July […]

iQIYI “Across the Ocean to See You” Advertising Price, iQIYI Program Advertising Format and Title_User_Island_Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Original title: iQIYI “Across the Ocean to See You” advertising price, iQIYI program advertising format and title iQIYI Advertising Center Contact Information Audiovisual Media provides you with iQIYI video advertising prices You can choose the time period first, match you with cost-effective advertising resources, formulate integrated media delivery strategies and optimized tailor-made communication plans. At […]

Development and Reform Commission “shot” to suppress pig prices, the pork sector is significantly differentiated_Live Pig_Price_Market

Original title: Development and Reform Commission “shot” to suppress pig prices, the pork sector is significantly differentiated [Shenzhen Business Daily](Reporter Qiu Qingyue) On July 5, affected by the news that the National Development and Reform Commission “shot” pig prices, the A-share pork sector was differentiated. As of the close, Jingji Zhinong fell 9.94%, Delis, Shunxin […]

Emgrand L Thor Hi·X starts delivery and starts at 129,800 yuan_TOM Car

A few days ago, the driving line of sight learned from Geely officials that its new compact car, the Emgrand L Thor Hi·X, has officially started delivery. The new car was launched in April this year, with three models launched, with an official guide price of 129,800-145,800 yuan. In terms of power, the new car […]

Canon enters the mirrorless market through the EOS R7 and EOS R10

Canon (Canon) enters the mirrorless camera market, launches the Canon EOS R7 at a price of 49,900 baht and the EOS R10 opens in July, focusing on high-resolution images. And there is a smaller, more compact version. Support for a new set of lenses designed specifically for mirrorless. Hiroshi Yokota, President and Chief Executive Officer […]