Qatar Decreases Price of Premium Petrol to 1.90 Saudis Per Litre in December

Price Reduction of Premium Petrol in Qatar According to the latest reports, the price of premium petrol in Qatar has seen a significant reduction this month. The December price has been set at 1.90 Saudi per litre, marking a noteworthy decrease. Price Fluctuations This month, a minimum price of 5 dirhams has been recorded, indicating […]

STEC Ready to Enter Every Auction with 100 Billion Baht on Hand for 2024 Income Push

Investment Opportunities in Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Public Company Limited Stock Dimension – Sino-Thai Engineering and Construction Public Company Limited (STEC) At its lowest point, the budget is ready to enter every auction, with an open backlog. With 100,000 million baht in hand, the company is poised to push its 2024 income to 30,000 million […]

Strong Sales Predicted for “Bento” and “Jele Beauty” as SNNP Stock Dimension Grows Over 100%

Strong Sales Growth for “Bento” and “Jele Beauty” Brands Stock Dimension – SNNP Recent sales figures for the popular “Bento” and “Jele Beauty” products have exceeded expectations, with both brands experiencing significant growth. SNNP, also known as Srinanaporn Marketing Public Company Limited, has reported that sales of “Bento” have increased by over 100%, while “Jele […]

The Top 10 Smartphones of 2023: Performance, Design, and Pricing

The Evolution of Smartphones in 2023: Top 10 Flagship Models As we enter 2023, the smartphone industry continues to push the boundaries of performance, design, and features, offering consumers a plethora of choices to suit their needs and budget. According to Omdia, a leading market research firm, the top 10 smartphones with the highest shipments […]

SIRI Public Company Limited: Record Breaking Results and Promising Dividend Yield of 9-10%

Record Breaking Performance Expected for SIRI Stock The Sansiri Public Company Limited, as disclosed by Krungsri Patanasin Securities, is anticipating strong operating results for Q4/66. The company is set to launch new projects worth 36 billion baht, solidifying its position as a market leader in the high-end horizontal market with high margins. Despite economic challenges, […]

BDMS Stocks Surge as Revenue Targets are Raised for 2023

Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Services Limited (BDMS) Sees Revenue Growth in 2023 BDMS, also known as Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Services Limited, has announced its plans for the upcoming year. According to a recent analyst meeting, the company has raised its revenue growth target for 2023 to 9-10%, up from the previous estimate […]

Thai Union Group Embraces Blue Finance Strategy for Long-Term Profit Growth

Thai Union Group Public Company Limited Moves Forward with Blue Finance Strategy The Thai Union Group Public Company Limited, led by Managing Director Yongyut Setthawiwat, is implementing its Blue Finance strategy to penetrate the market and achieve long-term profit growth. This modern world trend leader aims to surpass competitors and save costs through its innovative […]

Analyzing Stock Dimension COM7: Q4 Budget Outlook and Investment Recommendations

Stock Dimension – COM7 Analysts have revealed that the stock price of COM7, also known as Com7 PCL, has fallen to an attractive level for investment. Despite lower than expected profits in Q3/66, it is anticipated that the trend will improve in the Q4/66 budget. On the trading investment radar Dao Securities (Thailand) expects the […]