Businessman Commits Suicide After Bank Threats: Family Halts Protest

Relatives of Businessman Call off Protest after Police Assure of Case Registration Kottayam: In a tragic incident, the family of a businessman who took his own life following repeated threats from a local bank has decided to halt their protest in front of the bank premises upon receiving assurance from the police that a case […]

Gonzalitos blocked due to lack of water

For a few minutes, neighbors blocked traffic from south to north. They pointed out that the water they receive is not enough. Motorists suffered the situation for a few minutes. Long lines of vehicles were seen on Gonzalitos Avenue after traffic was blocked. Around 30 people attended the blockade.

Normal students block Venustiano Carranza

Students placed banners on the school fences. The banners have messages against the director Juan Pablo Cervantes. Hundreds of students protested in front of the institution. They blocked traffic in the direction of Avenida Colón. One of the banners says: ”La Normal covers up harassers.”

More than a thousand people in a protest walk after the murders in Gradačac

Jasminka Avdić from Missouri, United States of America, attended a protest march in Sarajevo with more than a thousand citizens on the occasion of the murder of Nizama Hećimović, who was killed by Nermin Sulejmanović. On Friday, August 13, he also killed Genghis Onder and his son Denis Onder. He also wounded three people. “It […]

Restaurant Owner Claims Uncooked Meat is ‘Part Special’ After Customer Complaint

Restaurant Owner Faces Backlash After Serving Uncooked Meat in Pork Cutlet Delivery By Kim Pyeong-hwa, Money Today Reporter | August 5, 2023, 16:04 An online community recently erupted in controversy when a customer shared a photo of their pork cutlet delivery, revealing raw meat hidden under the fried batter. The disgruntled customer questioned the quality […]

Israeli Protesters Rally Against Proposed Justice System Reform, Raises Concerns of Democracy

Israeli demonstrators took to the streets of Tel Aviv today to voice their opposition to a parliamentary vote that could potentially reform the justice system. Protesters argue that such reforms would undermine democracy in the country. Meanwhile, reports suggest that US President Joe Biden has extended an invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu, marking their first […]

30 days of detention for the attacked American, 15 for the attacker

White City – After consultation with the prosecutor’s office, misdemeanor charges were filed against a 22-year-old man and a US citizen, who resides in Serbia unregistered, for disturbing public order and peace. A misdemeanor charge was also filed against the American citizen, due to a misdemeanor under the Aliens Act. The American citizen was sentenced […]