“SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE” celebrates its 4th birthday today! There was an unforgettable battle that spent 3 real days on Genichiro Ashina

The PlayStation 4/Xbox One/PC action game “SEKIRO: SHADOWS DIE TWICE” (hereinafter referred to as “SEKIRO”), released by FromSoftware on March 22, 2019, celebrated its 4th birthday today. This work is an action game developed by Activision and From Software, which handles many very difficult games such as the “Soul” series. From the unique game system […]

“Respawn Entertainment” Establishes Wisconsin Studio to Take Part in “Apex Legends” Development, Led by Raven Veteran Ryan Burnett

“Respawn Entertainment” continues to operate “Apex Legends” while developing the highly anticipated sequel “Star Wars Jedi: Survivor” and two unreleased “Star Wars” titles (FPS and new strategy). However, today it was revealed that Respawn Entertainment has established a new studio “Respawn Wisconsin”, the third studio following the Los Angeles headquarters studio and the Vancouver studio […]

Ubisoft, ‘Far Cry 5’ 5th anniversary patch update and event

ㄳUbisoft Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Ubisoft) is holding a patch update and free play event to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the release of its FPS game ‘Far Cry 5’. Far Cry 5 provides 60FPS mode through this patch update. This is one of the fan-requested features in the Far Cry 5 community, and […]

Real-life FPS “Ghost Recon” depicts “Invasion of Russia” The biggest attraction of the series celebrating its 21st anniversary was “Human consumption”[Nodwedd arbennig]| Game * Spark – domestic and foreign game information site

The Japanese PC version of Ubisoft was released on March 22, 2002, and in 2003, the FPS masterpiece “ghost recon‘. For Russia, ruled by extreme nationalism, to regain its Soviet-era glory,Invade the Ukraine and other countriesAlthough it was made 21 years ago, the story is still reminiscent of a real world tragedy. So, this time, […]

“Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty” Speaking of China, here’s the dragon! Liu Bei and Liu Bang linked by “Dragon of the Han Dynasty”[Gwyliwch y byd yn y gêm # 40]| Game * Spark

‘Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’Then, it is said that it will become a vessel for “true tanyaku” along with the tanyaku that has a mysterious atmosphere.dragonholds the key to the story. The dragon is a divine beast that represents China and is always seen in festivals and auspicious plans in different places. The origin of dragons […]

New games released this week “Resident Evil RE: 4” “R-TYPE FINAL 3 EVOLVED” “Ryza’s Atelier 3-The End Alchemist and the Secret Key” etc | Game * Spark

Featured titles in Japan【PC】【PS5】【PS4】【XSX|S】Resident Evil RE:4It is scheduled to be released on March 24 Monday, March 20 (Japan) Windows PC・Yumeokoshi Shopping Street Nintendo Switch・Battle of Mofumofu Tuesday, March 21 (Japan) Windows PC・Sound purification・Haru Sakuragi’s Psychic Investigation PlayStation 5・Have fun HOT!・The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners – Chapter 1 & 2 Deluxe Edition HOT!・The Walking Dead: […]

“Coffee Talk Episode 2” is available for pre-order and will be compatible with the Xbox Game Pass

Chorus Worldwide on March 17th,“Coffee Talk Chapter 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly”Pre-orders will start consecutively on all platforms, and from the release dateSupports Game Pass for Xbox and PCpublish Compatible platforms for this gamePC (Steam/Epic Games Store/GOG.com/Windows),PS4/PS5,Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S,Nintendo Switch. It is scheduled to be released on April 20th. A 10% discount is available for […]

“Fate and Fortune” free DLC of “Shovel Knight Dig” introducing a new Knightmare mode and various QoL improvements is now available, and a new trailer is also available.

Shovel Knight’s new spin-off “Shovel Knight Dig” was launched for Nintendo Switch, Apple Arcade, and Steam last September Announces the start of distribution of free DLC “Fate and Fortune” which introduces various QoL improvements (console version will get was distributed at a later date). Alongside this, a trailer has been released which highlights new content […]