“PTT-Mahidol Group” jointly produces and sells vegetable sauces innovative alternatives for health

Mahidol University nutrition institute along with Innobic (Asia) Co., Ltd. Joined in signing a license agreement to produce and distribute a product from the research “Side Vegetable Sauce and Hidden Vegetable Sauce Children’s Formula” innovationInvented and developed by researchers. nutrition organization Rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the body such as vitamins, minerals, added […]

Open the depths of the industrial electricity bill, why has it hit 5.69 baht per unit?

Komkrit Tantravanich Mr Secretary General of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC)likeSpokesperson of the ERC Revealed to be fromNational Energy Policy Council (NEPC) It was decided to approve the management methodnatural gasto reduce the burden of electricity bills duringenergy price crisisJanuary – April 2023 by allowing natural gas to be allocated from the Gulf of Thailand […]

PTT opens plant foundation plan, goes on a “global” scale, captures regional leadership

PTT accelerates plant-based protein business Stack driving the largest plant base in Asia-Pacific Annual production capacity of 3,000 tonnes, commissioned in June 2023, providing more options for consumers and entrepreneurs . Invest in food innovation Increase the value of agricultural products “Atapon” hopes to be a leader in the region business Life science It is […]

PTT is open to invest in shares for only 1,000 baht, is it true?

According to the information about PTT’s announcement that it is open to invest in shares at a price of 1,000 baht only, the Anti-Fake News Center has conducted a fact check by PTT Public Company Limited, the Ministry of Energy and the Country Stock Exchange Thai. Such issues were found to exist is false information […]