Queen Camilla reveals her unforgettable “Queen Elizabeth II” smile.

Queen Camilla of England talk betweenan interviewto the BBC that Queen Elizabeth II It has always been a part of everyone’s life. And now aged 75, he can’t think of anyone other than Queen Elizabeth II. “It must be very difficult for him to lead a lonely woman. There are no female prime ministers or […]

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral tomorrow | Queen Elizabeth 11

London ∙ Tens of thousands are waiting to pay their respects to the late Queen Elizabeth. Those who waited up to 16 hours were able to go next to the body in Westminster Hall. Former England football team captain David Beckham paid tribute to the Queen from a 13-hour queue. The funeral is tomorrow. Faced […]

Reports of the Queen’s death and North Korea’s nuclear legislation, is it normal?

Reports in the domestic media on the death of Queen Elizabeth II of England and the legitimization of North Korea’s nuclear power show the serious nature of the commercial media steeped in interesting articles. Interest-oriented news is pouring in about the death of Queen Elizabeth II, but there have been only ceremonial articles about North […]

UK Parliament page crowded with people paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II : PPTVHD36

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King Charles III holds a mourning ceremony for “Queen Elizabeth II” | Around the World EXPRESS

King Charles III led his younger brother and sister to perform a mourning ceremony for Queen Elizabeth II, their mother. at St. Silenus Cathedral in Scotland #Queen Elizabeth #Queen Elizabeth II #mourning ceremony #international news #Channel 36 #major news stories #news today #PPTVNews #PPTVHD36 #around the worldEXPRESS #PPTVStories Follow more news on the website. https://www.pptvhd36.com […]