WAR BREAKS OUT IN SNSD: Radmanović organized a rebellion, these are his demands…

[“img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/01/milorad_dodik_nebojsa_radmanovic300.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/01/milorad_dodik_nebojsa_radmanovic300.jpg”,”caption”:”Milorad Dodik i Neboju0161a Radmanoviu0107″,”bg”:”484957″,”img”:”/img/vijesti/2023/01/nebojsa_radmanovic_milorad_dodik2002.jpg”,”full”:”/img/vijesti/2023/01/nebojsa_radmanovic_milorad_dodik2002.jpg”,”caption”:”Milorad Dodik i Neboju0161a Radmanoviu0107 2002. godine”,”bg”:”8b2725″] A silent war within the SNSD between currents led by the vice president Nebojsa Radmanović and the president Milorad Dodik is continuing. No matter how powerful Dodik is and, viewed from the outside, he seems to hold all the strings within the SNSD, it […]

WHAT ARE THE CITIZENS OF THE EUROPEAN UNION SAYING: EU countries conducted a survey on whether the war should end even at the cost of territorial concessions to Russia, the results are surprising

Slightly more than half of the surveyed population of Spain believes that the war in Ukraine should end as soon as possible, even at the cost of territorial concessions to Russia. This is the result of a pan-European survey organized by Euroskopia, an association of social research companies. The result should not be surprising because […]

Today’s horoscope for October 3rd

Today’s Horoscope Guide by Zodiac – Gregorian Date October 03, 2022 (Monday) Day Moon Date September 08, 2022 (Plain Month) Lunar New Year Zodiac Year Imin Year Gyeongsul Month Key Celebration Day Julius 2459856 days Rat Horoscope 48年生 Today, in search of my little happiness, let’s do small activities like brunch and watch movies! Honey […]

“Noo Lek” reveals a secret story. Why are you rich and messed up?

This work doesn’t wait. Ready to clear cuts. Open your mind to the host mother “Noo Mam-Suriwipha” of the famous program “Noo Mam Table” on Workpoint Channel Tell all secrets..richExceeded the number for what reason? Many people refer to it asfunnyThe top richest woman? “If you say that you are rich at the top, you […]

Recognition of positive rapid antigen test from today… Citizens fear ‘fake training’

A temporary screening test center in Jung-gu, Seoul. [사진=연합뉴스] From the 14th, the results of the rapid antigen test received at local hospitals and clinics will also determine whether or not to be confirmed with COVID-19. The quarantine authorities and medical staff are of the opinion that in a ‘pandemic situation’, a diagnosis using rapid […]

rat-named-magava-in-cambodia-dies-after-five-years-of-military-service | ‘Rat’ finding landmine; After five years of military service, Magawa surrendered to death Phnom Penh (Cambodia): Rats are generally considered the enemy of farmers and others. But there is something special about a rat named Magawa from Cambodia. During its five years of military service, more than 100 landmines were found in Magawa. But Magawa, which saved the lives of thousands of people, eventually succumbed to death. […]