The price of lithium carbonate is ‘plunging’… Why can’t K-Batri laugh?

Money Today Reporter Soonbin Hong | 2023.03.11 10:00 [원자재로 살아남기]Read more about lithium prices… Lithium carbonate vs Lithium hydroxide Editorial comment | Over the past year, stock markets around the world have been rocked by the surge in raw material prices. There are crowded investors who have lost their way, but on the other hand, […]

war | EU sanctions against Russia: The dilemma of the West

The West wants to bring Russia to its senses with an economic war. But that doesn’t hurt Vladimir Putin very much, after all he has “friends”. Says Vladimir Kaminer. The headline “The EU has agreed on a tenth package of sanctions against Russia” impressed me last week – and at the same time caused a […]