Gold Price Today Stays Unchanged as Market Anticipates Fed Meeting

Gold Price Today Remains Stable Ahead of Fed Meeting On July 14, 2023, the gold market closed unchanged from the previous day as investors awaited the Federal Reserve’s upcoming meeting on July 25-26. Despite reaching its highest level in over a month, the market experienced a downward adjustment due to selling pressure and profit-taking. Gold […]

Back when it wasn’t even sold… Only ‘stagnation’ accumulated in Hwanghak-dong

# As the 3rd high (high prices, high interest rates, high exchange rates) continues, the Korean economy sinks deeper and deeper into recession. Among them, the self-employed are in particular danger, as if they were on a tightrope. Someone closes the shop after thinking about it, and someone who was thinking of starting a business […]

How long will inflation last?

Good morning, dear reader, whether it’s peppers, cucumbers or butter: we’re feeling inflation particularly hard for many foods. But where does that lead? How long will prices continue to rise and can they fall again? Or is inflation making us all poor? I talk about this with the head of the business department at t-online, […]