Breast cancer treatment ‘remarkably effective’… Alzheimer’s also cured

Today’s Silver Reporter Kim In-han | 2023.03.21 13:19 Korea Brain Research Institute confirms improvement in Alzheimer’s disease with breast cancer treatment ‘Abemaciclib’ Alzheimer’s patients are treated for the recovery of brain function. / Photo = Getty Image Bank A Korean research team has discovered that the breast cancer drug ‘abemaciclime mesylate’ is also effective in […]

[약업신문][건강정보] Overcome Type 2 Diabetes with a Low Carb Diet

[건강정보] Overcome Type 2 Diabetes with a ‘Low Carbohydrate Diet’ The results of studies on the treatment and prevention of type 2 diabetes using low carbohydrate diets are appearing one after anotherKorean Diabetes Association “Recommendation of low carbohydrate diet for diabetic patients, but not liver fasting” Input 2023.03.14 06:00 Edit 2023.03.14 06:01 When managing type […]

‘Mass.’ joins 4 leading foreign universities to create Q1 research together.

recently Professor Dr. Poolpong Boonpram, Acting Dean of the School of Information Science, Walailak University (mass.) Signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Research Cooperation (MOA in Research Cooperation) on the subject of “Stage and Cultural Production in Asia” with 4 top universityin foreign countries, incl The University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Netherlands is ranked 62 […]

Research achievements from prediction to treatment… One step to defeat atopic dermatitis

atopic dermatitis.[이미지출처=이라수토야닷컴] Atopic dermatitis is a representative allergic disease that is common but difficult to treat. Because of this, it is counted as one of the obvious ‘main enemies’ of parents raising children. The main symptoms are accompanied by severe itching, a very sensitive response to external stimuli or allergens, and scratching of the skin […]

Successful generation of identical photons, key to quantum networks Contribute to the realization of long distance networks using quantum repeaters | Tokyo Technology News | Tokyo Institute of Technology

Main point Generation of a quantum light source (SnV center) containing tin (Sn) and vacancies (V: vacancy) atoms in a diamond crystal Successfully produced photons with nearly identical emission wavelengths and transition lines from multiple light sources Important results leading to the realization of quantum networks based on quantum entanglement overview Takayuki Iwasaki, Associate Professor, […]