Dietary Vitamin C Reduces Lung Cancer Risk by 18% According to National Cancer Center Study

Study Shows Vitamin C Reduces Lung Cancer Risk When Consumed Through Food Research conducted by Professor Myung Seung-kwon, from the National Cancer Center International Cancer Graduate School, has found that vitamin C reduces the risk of lung cancer when consumed through food, but is ineffective when taken in the form of supplements. Professor Seung-Kwon Myung, […]

Ildong Pharmaceutical Set to Begin Phase 1 Clinical Trials for Oral GLP-1 Obesity Medication

Ildong Pharmaceutical to Begin Phase 1 Clinical Trials for Oral GLP-1 Obesity Medication Ildong Pharmaceutical is set to begin the phase 1 clinical trials for its oral GLP-1 obesity medication, marking a significant milestone in the company’s four-year research and development journey. The edible GLP-1 series treatment has garnered attention in the healthcare industry, with […]

Surge in Domestic Patients Linked to Mycoplasma Pneumonia in China Boosts Withers Pharmaceuticals’ Stock Price

Withers Pharmaceuticals Sees Strong Performance as Mycoplasma Pneumonia Cases Rise in China Reporter: Lee Ji-woon | View: 11,638 | Date: 2023.10.25 14:40 Withers Pharmaceuticals, a leading manufacturer and seller of anti-inflammatory drugs, has experienced a surge in stock prices amidst news of a significant increase in domestic patients affected by mycoplasma pneumonia in China. This […]

ST Pharm, oligo manufacturing plant passes FDA regular inspection

ST Pharm passed the regular Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) inspection of the Banwol Campus, an oligo manufacturing facility, from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). [사진=에스티팜] ST Pharm announced on the 25th that its Banwol Campus passed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Good Pharmaceutical Quality Management (cGMP) regular inspection and received an […]

Celltrion Hosts 2023 Worldwide Pharmaceutical Ingredients Convention in Barcelona

Celltrion to Host the 2023 Worldwide Pharmaceutical Ingredients Convention Barcelona, Spain – Celltrion, a renowned global biopharmaceutical company, is set to host the prestigious 2023 Worldwide Pharmaceutical Ingredients Convention (CPHI). The three-day event, taking place from 24th to 26th, is considered the largest pharmaceutical and bio industry exhibition in the world. With over 47,000 experts […]

EDGC applies for international patent for new incurable anticancer drug candidate…expects to take a global leap forward

EDGC (Eone Diagnomics) announced on the 20th that it had completed the international patent (PCT) application for ‘refractory new anticancer drug candidate’ on the 6th. This international patent application was carried out to expand overseas markets as a paper related to ‘refractory anti-cancer new drug candidate’ was published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, […]

China Announces Comprehensive Opening of Manufacturing Sector to Foreign Investment

Mainland China President Xi Jinping Announces Lifting of Restrictions on Foreign Investment in Manufacturing Sector The President of Mainland China, Xi Jinping, delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the 3rd “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum yesterday (18th). During his speech, President Xi revealed that China is set to comprehensively lift […]

US Government Expands Restrictions on China’s High-End Chip Exports and Artificial Intelligence as National Security Concerns Rise

US Government Plans to Expand Restrictions on China’s High-End Chips and AI By Yihu, Reporter for Llais Gobaith, Hydref 12, 2023 The United States government is set to announce new and expanded restrictions on China’s export of high-end chips and chip manufacturing equipment. Additionally, there are further restrictions on artificial intelligence (AI) chips currently under […]

1. “Korea Leads the Way: Introducing a New Quantum Platform with Multiple Qubit System” 2. “Celltrion and Eli Lilly Merge for Groundbreaking Oral Obesity Treatment by 2025” 3. “Motional, Hyundai’s Autonomous Driving Venture, Successfully Completes Final Tests for Fully Autonomous Vehicle Commercialization”

South Korea Leads the Way in Quantum Computing with New Platform A groundbreaking quantum platform utilizing an electronic spin multiple qubit system has been introduced, putting South Korea at the forefront of quantum computing technology. Developed by a research team at the Institute for Basic Science (IBS), in collaboration with teams from Japan, Spain, and […]

Outlook and Strategies for the Domestic Stock Market in the Fourth Quarter: Expert Analysis by Choi Yang-oh, ISD Corporate Policy Research Institute

Market Analyst Predicts Positive Outlook for Fourth Quarter Stock Market By Park Myeong-seok, Anchor of Infostock Daily Renowned market analyst, Choi Yang-oh, Director of ISD Corporate Policy Research Institute, has shared his insights on the current state of the domestic stock market and his predictions for the fourth quarter. After a promising start to the […]