Furious for football fans!! Richarlison explains why he went to fight Ramsdale

Richarlison, the steep offensive line of Rubbish Reveals why he had a row with goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale Arsenal in the Premier League game last weekend Samba star player He walked in to talk about the English national team goalkeeper After the game “Golden Spur Chicken” lost to the “Cannon” 0-2 until near chaos ensued and […]

Richarlison’s bicycle kick is the first! The best goal in Qatar

Richarlison’s goal against Serbia / Photo: AFP Brazil’s 22-year wait for a world title didn’t end in Qatar either. One of the goals scored by Brazil was chosen as Qatar’s World Cup goal, although it failed to reach the title. Richarlison’s bicycle kick was chosen as the goal of the tournament. Richarlison’s great goal came […]

“Ken” almost no rest!! Spurs lack “Richarlison”, sore thigh for 1 month

Tottenham Hotspur, the giant of the English Premier League, comes across bad news, the Brazilian striker, Richarlison. hamstring (back thigh) muscle injury Tottenham are expected to be without former Watford and Everton players for at least 1 month, along with promising striker Harry Kane. There is no time to sit and regret the moment a […]

There were many drug dealers on that street; But..’; The minister said to set the example of MB Rajesh CPM | Football | World Cup | Richardson | Brazil | Kerala News | News from Kerala

The world praises that magical sight again and again from the feet of the Brazilian star Richalison. Among these, Minister MB Rajesh adds the words spoken by Richarlison along with the steps the state government is taking against drug addiction. Richalyson’s acrobatic strike has already become one of the best goals of the World Cup. […]