Global Sport Agency Faces Reconstruction Phase: John Olsen in the Spotlight

Global Sport Agency Enters Reconstruction Phase: Exciting News About Player John Olsen Saturday, September 23, 2023, 9:34 PM Indochina Time Last week, Global Sport Agency reached a significant milestone as it embarked on a phase of reconstruction. Coincidentally, during this time, the agency received intriguing news regarding one of its players, John Olsen. The details […]

Global Sport Agency Surprises Fans with Addition of New Player Russel

Global sport agency made a surprising announcement yesterday, revealing the addition of a new player, Russel Mendes, to their roster for the official 2024 season. Russ, a British and Indian national, is a skilled player in the “Flex” position, known for his versatility and experience in the VALUATION game industry. He has previously competed with […]

Global Sport Announces Major Changes and New Offer for VALORANT League 2024

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Bundang Armed Riot Criminal Choi Won-jong Prosecuted for Death of Female Victim

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That’s how wrong Hans-Georg Maassen was

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Police Investigate Message Predicting Knife Fight at Baseball Stadium

Police Investigate Prediction of Knife Fight at Baseball Stadium On the afternoon of the 5th, the special police forces were seen patrolling Samsung Lions Park in Daegu as a precautionary measure after receiving a warning about a potential ‘arms riot’. The Daegu Police Agency swiftly responded to a citizen’s report regarding a message predicting a […]

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Monday, July 24, 2023 at 7:59:49, Indochina time.

Back at the end of the month June 2023 one in the past Pro player Famous as Jacob” cheers “Whiteaker has come out. Tweet Complaints about his own abilities because he was defeated by the agency MAD Lions


And with this defeat making him connected Hidden that the person harboring had to be defeated until he was expelled, resulting in the owner of the inferior Hidden Toast It was decided to take a break from teamwork VALUATION go before the year 2023 You can read more details in this article.

But it seems that the way cheers who missed an opportunity to create an annual performance 2023 feeling quite embarrassed because of the past few days agoway yay has come out to be published through their stream with the meaning that

“Why does everyone think My price is expensive because I really want to play now. Let us help with consumer expenses, such as “housing expenses” or “food expenses”.

“But if he plays at a level Franchising The agency will then offer the minimum wage of Alliance let it be”

But the next problem is that though cheers says “Welcome to the minimum of Alliance ” the user Tweet name Rem has revealed that

Now many agencies are having some financial problems because of the minimum wage Alliance Right now, it will be $6000 ( 206,520 baht) immediately

of course cheers is one of the position players Duos which is not bad or not very good, but it has to be admitted at this point, a good agent like Chamber which helped to support cheers has been known Currently being rebalanced to much inferior abilities. Even recently, the team will be able to improve the ability Chamber More interesting until many agencies start to arise Chamber come back to see some of the maps It makes it possible for many agencies to look for them in the future Duos new recruits added to the army, who cheers It may be one of the options currently responding to some links. It is also possible.

Finally, the competition VALORANT CHAMPIONS 2023 it will start August 7, 2023 – August 26, 2023 After the competition is over, it will be free time VALUATION As a result, many agencies entered the “player market” period and many agencies may begin releasing players whose contracts expire during the year. 2023 Including adding various players, who have to wait to see which players will be removed or which players will be added to strengthen the army for some big agencies in the future, having to wait and follow each other

Pro Player “Cheers” Reflects on Defeat and Considers Future Career Date: Monday, July 24, 2023 at 7:59:49 Indochina Time Back in June 2023, professional player Jacob “Cheers” Whiteaker made headlines when he openly criticized his own abilities following a defeat against MAD Lions. In a tweet, he expressed disappointment in his team’s performance, stating that […]