The initial plan for the GTA series was a game where dinosaurs destroy cities.

▲ GTA Episode 1 cover (image source: Rockstar Games official website) Rockstar Games’ flagship GTA is one of the most successful series in the gaming industry. However, the beginning of the GTA series was not smooth, and the story was released that the initial plan was a technology demo where dinosaurs destroyed the city and […]

Rockstar Games Opens Official Taiwan LINE Account, Launching Today | 4 Gamers

Rockstar Games announced today (3) the launch of the official Taiwan LINE account (LINE ID: @rockstargamestw), and the preview will bring the latest news, information, etc. to Taiwanese players. According to the official message, add the official account as a “friend” to receive notifications of new content, in-game rewards and discounts, community events for your […]

“GTA Online” new app “crime business” related to the sharp rise in oil prices is delivered

Rockstar Games is an open world game currently available on Wednesday, July 27th.“GTA Online”Against the backdrop of soaring oil pricesDelivering an update “Crime Business” that provides new missions, vehicles / weapons, and improved gaming experiencesdid.This work isPS5/PS4、Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One、PC(Rockstar Store、Steam、Epic Games) Is being delivered. “GTA Online” is the fifth in a series of climb […]

Rockstar Games Gives Bonuses to Various Races in GTA Online

(Export News Reporter Kim Su-jeong) Rockstar Games is offering bonuses in various GTA Online races. On the 20th, Rockstar Games announced that it will be providing additional rewards from various race rewards in GTA Online. All participants who complete this week’s Ground Races and Special Vehicle Races will be rewarded with 4x GTA$ & RP. […]