Makkah Imposes Strict Dress Code for Women Performing Umrah

Saudi Arabia Mandates Modest Attire for Women During Umrah Pilgrimage Makkah: In a recent announcement, Saudi Arabia has emphasized that women participating in the sacred Umrah pilgrimage must don loose-fitting garments that cover their entire bodies. The unveiling of this rule comes in the wake of the bustling Umrah season, with an estimated one crore […]

Social grief of famous twitter stars Fatal accident in Chiang Mai

Parade, sharing, netizens reveal the saddest story of mourning the famous Twitter star had a sudden death accident with a pickup truck After going to Songkran in Chiang Mai The tragic news has been reported. “Twitter celebrities” with more than a hundred thousand followers. He died in a pickup truck accident. in Chiang Mai After […]

The health status of a surgically separated Iraqi Siamese is satisfactory The health status of a surgically separated Iraqi Siamese is good

Jeddah: The health condition of the Iraqi Siamese separated by separation surgery in Riyadh on the 12th of this month is satisfactory. After visiting Umar and Ali in hospital, Siamese’s head of surgery, Dr. This was reported by Abdullah Al Rabi. The 11-hour-long operation took place at the King Abdullah Specialist Children’s Hospital, King Abdulaziz […]

saudi news malayalam today, scammed crores by claiming to extort money; Saudi couple jailed and fined – money could be given to Saudi couple jailed and fined

Riyadh: The Salaudi court has sentenced 23 individuals and commercial organizations, including a native woman and her expatriate husband, in the Kotakill extortion case from natives and expatriates. The public prosecution announced that the court had sentenced him to 111 years in prison and a fine of 28.6 million Rianau. The court also ordered the […]

OICC bids farewell to Umarkoya Chalil | OICC farewell to Umarkoya Chalil

Jeddah: Mahavi OICC Unit bid farewell to Mahavi OICC Founder, Umarkoya Chalil, who is returning after two decades of exile. Islam Samani inaugurated the ceremony. UM Hussain Malappuram presided. Islam Zamani and Abbas Marji presented him with the gift. Naushad Babu, K. Abdul Rasheed, CK Babu, VP Ravindran, KVA Karim also spoke. Umar Koya gave […]

Inauguration of ‘Collat ​​with Golati’ Coupon Distribution | Inauguration of Coupon Sale

Message: Al Salama Hospital Managing Director Ali Thonikadawat Najran Former KMCC President Shihab Vayil inaugurated the distribution of coupons for the World Cup football match organized by KMCC Central Committee. Former MSF State Councilor Siraj Makaraparam, Niaz Theratammal, (KMCC Khamees Mushait), Salim Uppala, Hanifa Uppala, Sattar Tachanattukara, Usman Kalikav, Lukman were present at the function […]