Carlos Vargas revealed how much money he earns on Caracol TV

Carlos Vargas’ criticism of ‘La negra candela’ Recently, the 44-year-old from Valle del Cauca was the special guest of chapter 192 of La Tele Lethal, a program hosted by Martín de Francisco and Santiago Moure. The truth is that during the interview the presenters, who are characterized by their sense of humor and their practical […]

“To be born soon, he earned 2 million a month”… Concerns of a 42-year-old father

Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | 2023.04.24 23:21 /Photo = KBS Joy ‘Ask Anything’ broadcast screen A 42-year-old father, who is about to give birth to his third child, expressed his concerns about whether he should change his job. On the 24th, 42-year-old Kim Ki-tak appeared on KBS Joy’s entertainment program ‘Ask Anything’. /Photo = […]