New Condo Projects in Samrong Fuelled by MRT Yellow Line Opening

New Opportunities in Samrong with MRT Yellow Line Expansion The opening of the MRT Yellow Line has brought new possibilities to the Samrong area, making it a more attractive location for both residents and investors. To cater to the growing demand, the renowned developer Sena Kith Samrong Exchange is set to launch their latest project […]

Open your mind to the administrator of the famous page, revealing that “Tai Ban Market” has been closed, spending almost 800 million to build: PPTVHD36

Famous page revealing “Tai Ban Market” in Samut Prakan Province Completed and closed. without vendors to set up shop and we don’t yet know when it will open for service Revealed to be a project of Samut Prakan Municipality in collaboration with the Provincial Administration Organization, spending nearly 800 million baht, along with a grand […]

The poll is clear. Pak Nam people support “Aung Ing” sitting in prime minister. “Pitha” rank 2, “Uncle Tu” gets 3rd place. Uncle Pom is holding back.

Nida Poll, Pak Nam Ka Pheu Thai, 2 leaves, support “Aung Ing” sitting in the Prime Minister, “Pitha”, 2nd place, “Uncle Tu” 3rd place, and Uncle Pom holding the back. The “Nida Poll” of the National Institute for Development Administration (NIDA) reveals the results of the public survey. have the right to vote in the […]

Disappeared with the eyes? “Casino Samut Prakan” | 17 November 22

Disappeared with the eyes? “Casino Samut Prakan” . Continue to follow “Samut Prakan Casino” after the former casino supervisor came out to confirm that this casino is a big casino and connects to the Bangkok area. . But the latest coordinates of this “gaming” Antan has disappeared from “Google” already! Why did he disappear and […]