Park Seong-gwang and Choi Min-soo stress? “Hair loss + tonsillitis”

Reporter Cha Yoo-chae of Money Today | 2023.03.15 09:08 /Photo = SBS ‘Take off your shoes, Doll Sing For Man’ broadcast screen Comedian-turned-film director Park Seong-gwang admitted to suffering from various aftereffects due to stress. Director Park Seong-gwang and actor Choi Min-soo appeared as guests in the SBS entertainment show ‘Dolsing For Man’ (hereafter referred […]

Kim Do-eup, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, submits ‘Lee Sang-min’s impeachment decision’ to the Constitutional Court…”The vacuum in state affairs must be reduced through prompt hearings”

“I am a member of the prosecution, but there is no place to intervene” zoom in picture People’s Power Ho-young Joo (left) and Judiciary Chairman Kim Do-eup speak in the main conference hall of the National Assembly on the 8th. Minkyu Park Senior Reporter Kim Do-eup, chairman of the Legislation and Judiciary Committee of the […]