‘Attack On Sisters’ Trot Goddess Jiwon “I can hear trash because of my leggings”

In ‘Attack on Sisters-Worrying Cut Salon’, Park Mi-sun, Jang Young-red, and Kim Ho-young solve their troubles by comforting the storytellers who have suffered various truths and difficulties. On Channel S ‘Attack Sisters (a joint production between Media S and SK Broadband)’, broadcast on January 31st, came the goddess of Trot leggings, Jiwon. Jiwon admitted her […]

‘Attack on Sisters’ Ji-won admitted, “I have been Lee Bong-won’s woman for 2 and a half years” Park Mi-sun’s back neck

Trot singer Jiwon-i, who came to the new counseling talk show ‘Attack on Sisters – Trouble Cut Salon’, introduced herself as ‘Lee Bong-won’s wife’ and Park Mi-sun’s jealousy exploded. Trot singer Ji Won-i, who won the title ‘Trot-type Beyoncé’ with tight leggings, is coming to ‘Attack’s Sisters’ to be broadcast on the 31st. Seeing Jiwon […]

The Boyz, ‘Wake up a week to come’… Return date changed to February 20th

THE BOYZ awaken the spell of a new song a week earlier than before. On the 30th, IST Entertainment announced that they would move the return date of The Boyz’s 8th mini album, ‘BE AWAKE’ to February 20, a week earlier than before. Boyz’s comeback date change is said to be due to artists’ schedule […]