Newsletter Recognizes Ha-seong Kim as MVP Candidate in the National League Recognizes Ha-seong Kim’s Outstanding Performance as MVP Candidate, the official website of Major League Baseball, recently acknowledged Ha-seong Kim (28, San Diego Padres) as a potential MVP candidate in the second half of the season. In a poll conducted by, two players were originally considered leading candidates for the prestigious award, but […]

Kim Ha-seong’s Hot Streak Continues: Impressive Batting Performance Comparable to Ichiro

The Immense Success of Kim Ha-seong Continues in the Major Leagues In a remarkable display of talent and skill, Kim Ha-seong (28) from the San Diego Padres is rapidly approaching the “Japanese legend” Suzuki Ichiro’s (50) record of 15 consecutive multi-base hits in the major Asian leagues. With his exceptional contact ability and peak performance, […]

Chinese Super League: Meizhou Hakka Defeats Guoan and Shanghai Haigang Dominates Wuhan

Meizhou Hakka Stuns Beijing Guoan, Shanghai Port Continues Dominance The 16th round of the 2023 Chinese Super League commenced with a series of thrilling matches. Meizhou Hakka delivered a sensational performance as they defeated Beijing Guoan with a 3-1 victory. Meanwhile, Shanghai Port secured another win against Wuhan Three Town, solidifying their position at the […]

Surplus Trade Balance in June as Imports Decline Due to Falling Oil Prices

Trade Surplus Recorded in June as Imports Fall Faster than Exports In June, imports fell more steeply than exports, resulting in a monthly trade surplus for the first time in 16 months. The drop in energy imports, particularly crude oil and coal, can be attributed to the falling oil prices. Additionally, with the economic downturn, […]