Lexus Releases New Second Generation LM Flagship MPV in Taiwan

Hetai Releases New Second Generation LM Flagship MPV in Taiwan By Zhang Qinghui, Taipei Reporter Hetai, the general agent of Lexus, officially launched the new LM flagship MPV in Taiwan on the 22nd. The highly anticipated vehicle, which starts at a suggested price of 4.29 million, has already received over 2,000 orders before its release. […]

High Competition Rate Expected for Home Subscriptions in Seoul and Other Metropolitan Areas

The Subscription Market in Seoul and Other Metropolitan Areas on the Rise Despite Rainy and Holiday Season, Subscription Competition Remains Hot Seoul and other metropolitan areas in South Korea are experiencing a surge in subscription competition rates. Even with the rainy season and holiday season in full swing this month, the subscription market is expected […]

Seoul apartment sales price increase for 2 consecutive weeks

There is a moderate upward trend, but there is also a mixed tax by region Weekly Flat Price Index Change Rate (Unit: %) [그래프=한국부동산원 제공] Weekly Flat Price Index Change Rate (Unit: %) [그래프=한국부동산원 제공] As a result of the Korea Real Estate Agency’s investigation of the national weekly apartment price trend in the fifth […]

“I can’t live because I’m afraid” Prospective tenants of Apartment Geomdan collapse in distress… Neighboring residents “Shock and anxiety in our apartment”

On the 2nd, the scene of a fall accident at the underground parking lot of ‘Andante’ apartment in Geomdan New Town, Seo-gu, Incheon, Block AA13-1·2. Iron pillars temporarily placed between the collapsed structures barely held on. Between the fallen rebars, chunks of concrete were precariously attached as if they were about to pour. The banners […]

‘Korea’s No. 1 vertical extension pile construction method’ Daechi 1st Hyundai … Remodeling the ‘elasticity’ of the industry

‘Daechi 1st Hyundai’ in Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, which promotes remodeling, is going to expand vertically. It is the first of flats built with the ‘pile construction method’ based on piles. This technology is difficult, so there have been complexes that have been promoting projects, but they have not been successful. However, with the approval of […]