Republican Senators Call for US-China Travel Ban Amid Respiratory Illness Spike

Republican Senators Call for Travel Ban Between US and China In response to a sudden increase in respiratory illnesses in China, five Republican US senators have called on the Biden administration to implement a travel ban between the US and China. The senators, including Sen. Marco Rubio, have urged for immediate restrictions on travel until […]

Actors Han Hyo-joo, Han Ji-min, and Chu Ja-hyun Share Deep Friendship and Behind-the-Scenes Moments

BH Entertainment Actors Share Behind-the-Scenes Friendship on YouTube Channel Reporter Kim Na-yeon | 2023.12.01 19:40 Actors Han Hyo-joo, Han Ji-min, and Chu Ja-hyun, known for their close friendship, recently offered fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their personal lives. On November 30th, ‘BH Entertainment’ released a group photo of the talented trio, sparking excitement among their […]

Actress Lee Young-ae Shares Insights into Raising Twins During Adolescence

Reporter Noeul Kim | 2023.11.30 22:22 Lee Young-ae Talks About Parenting Challenges and New Drama on ‘Civilization Express’ Photo by Civilization Express On the 30th, Lee Young-ae, the renowned actress set to appear in tvN’s upcoming drama ‘Maestra’, made an appearance on the YouTube channel ‘Civilization Express’ to discuss her experiences as a mother and […]

Elegant Empire: Lee Si-gang Seeks Revenge in Explosive Episode

Elegant Empire Drama: Jacqueline’s Threat Sparks Tension By [Your Name], Staff Writer In a recent episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Elegant Empire’, tensions ran high as Son Seong-yoon’s character, Jacqueline Taylor, confronted Jang Chang-seong (Nam Gyeong-eup) over his involvement in Lee Si-gang’s father’s death. During the intense scene, Jacqueline Taylor expressed her anger, stating, “Did you […]

Seventeen Honors Late Moonbin and Wins Album of the Year at 2023 MAMA Awards

Seventeen Pays Tribute to Late Moonbin at 2023 MAMA Awards By Seongyeol Yoon | November 29, 2023, 22:47 At the ‘2023 MAMA AWARDS’ held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on November 29th, Seventeen received the prestigious Album of the Year award in Chapter 2 of the event. During their acceptance speech, member Seungkwan expressed […]

Wedding Battle Drama: Rowoon and Jo Yi-hyun Show a Touching Scene of ‘Saving a Life’

‘Wedding Battle’ KBS 2TV: Rowoon and Jo Yi-hyun’s Touching Scene of ‘Saving a Life’ Reporter: Choi Hye-jin | 2023.11.27 18:43 On the 27th of November, KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Wedding Battle’ unveiled stills from the upcoming 8th episode, showcasing a touching scene of ‘saving a life’ featuring actors Rowoon and Jo Yi-hyun. ‘Wedding Battle’ is […]

Actress Lee Young-ae Reveals Her Parenting Style on ‘My Little Old Boy’

Lee Young-ae Reveals Her Parenting Style on ‘My Little Old Boy’ By Reporter Jeong Eun-chae | 2023.11.26 22:02 (Photo credit: ‘My Little Old Boy’ broadcast screen shot) Actress Lee Young-ae, known for her upcoming TV drama ‘Maestra’, made a special appearance as a guest MC on the SBS weekend entertainment program ‘My Little Old Boy’ […]