From natural to synthetic, microbial therapy leverages synthetic biology to open up fields of clinical application! | Gene News Online

Of all the advances in synthetic biology, microbiome therapy is the most rapidly developing and highly anticipated area of ‚Äč‚Äčtechnology. With the scientific revelation of the close relationship between microbial ecology and human health, the microorganism is considered a “second genome” other than the human genome, which widely affects gastrointestinal health, chronic diseases, cancer, and […]

Drama! Chinese lady detained by police just after wearing kimono (clip)

It has become a hot matter in the on-line entire world! When a woman posted a information Alongside with a video clip posted on the popular social media system ‘Weibo’ on Sunday (August 14), expressing she had been detained by the law enforcement. Soon after carrying a kimono for a photo shoot at Waihai Street […]

How will AI be used in agriculture?

Currently, more applications for AI in agriculture are being developed. (Photo=APO-Tokyo) Artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture will help detect pests, plant diseases and nutritional deficiencies on farms. AI sensors can identify and target weeds before deciding which herbicide to use in an area. Precision agriculture, often known as AI systems, helps improve the overall quality […]

Vienna Art Museum shows nude photos via OnlyFans after multiple censorship – PostToday

Vienna Art Museum shows nude photos via OnlyFans after multiple censorship On October 22, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. Austrian museum no longer uses social media to showcase nude art through OnlyFans after multiple censorships Austria’s Vienna Tourism Board said. Several art museums in Vienna have showcased their artwork on the popular, subscription-based adult content distribution […]