Will Serbia now go from being an ally to an opponent of Putin?

Serbia has so far been considered an ally of Russia. However, reports suggest that relations with President Vladimir Putin are increasingly deteriorating. So far, the Western Balkan state of Serbia has always been considered an ally of the Kremlin: Russian state media can spread their propaganda here unhindered – accordingly, the majority of Serbs support […]

The Serbian minister caused a stir: He proposes SANCTIONS for Russia

Serbian Economy Minister Rade Basta caused a stir by suggesting that Belgrade impose sanctions on Russia. This is the first statement by a representative of the Serbian government openly expressing support for sanctions against Moscow, which represents a departure from Belgrade’s official position, reports the HINA agency on Tuesday. Serbian Economy Minister Rade Basta said […]

A historic opportunity for lasting peace between Kosovo and Serbia

He made this statement after a meeting in Brussels with the President of Albania, Bajram Begaj, who also expressed his support for the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia for the normalization of relations. “We cooperate with the EU and welcome the meetings in Brussels as part of the dialogue. NATO will continue to strongly support […]

The police prevented the demonstrators from breaking into the Presidency of Serbia

BELGRADE – They claimed that, at the headquarters of the Presidency, they wanted to hand over the demands to the President of Serbia in person Aleksandar Vučić. They were prevented from doing so by the police in equipment for breaking up demonstrations and moved them from the stairs of the Presidency building. Part of them […]

President of Moldova accuses Russia of “planning to overthrow the leader” | Reuters

On February 13, former Soviet-Moldovan President Sandu (pictured) said that Russia would use foreign saboteurs to overthrow the Moldovan leader, prevent him from joining the European Union and go to war with Ukraine which he accused of trying use Representative photo taken in November 2022 in Paris (2023 REUTERS) [キシナウ 13日 ロイター] – Former Soviet […]

Porn consumption in parliament: Serbian MP resigns

The Serbian parliament was talking about Kosovo, but one member of parliament used the time for other things. Now he had to draw conclusions. In Serbia, a member of parliament has resigned after watching porn videos during a heated debate over relations with Kosovo. Serbian state broadcaster RTS on Tuesday reported Zvonimir Stevic’s resignation days […]

Court condemns Hungary after the death of a refugee

A Syrian flees with his brother and other people. In Hungary they are brutally pushed back by border guards, his brother does not survive. Now there was a verdict. The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has sentenced Hungary in connection with the death of a refugee. Hungary had to pay almost 40,000 euros in […]

“Crimea will never become Ukraine again,” the president of Croatia accuses the EU | Reuters

Croatian President Milanović said on Thursday that he opposed Croatia providing military aid to Ukraine, saying that Crimea, which Russia had “annexed” in 2014, would never again be part of Ukrainian territory. Croatian President Milanović attends the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit in Madrid in June 2022. REUTERS/Susana Vera [サラエボ 30日 ロイター] – Croatian […]