MUJI IDÉE spring refresh 2023, feel the colorful spring in layers_Consumer_Collection_Linen

Original title: MUJI IDÉE 2023 spring renewal, feel the colorful spring in layers MUJI IDÉE launched the spring 2023 series, designed by Japanese designer Kentaro Tamai, with new colors to welcome the bright early spring, and to show multiple possibilities in layering. At the same time, this series continues MUJI IDÉE’s concept of environmental friendliness, […]

5 movies – Korean series that come with powerful female characters on Netflix

The definition of the word “woman” has changed in today’s world. It is reflected in many films and series that are currently trending on Netflix, especially in the form of breaking the stereotype of female lead characters from the traditional image. which as well as being a new period To test her acting skills These […]

SAT organizes the event “Golden Fly Series Thailand 2023”

Sports Authority of Thailand The Ministry of Tourism and Sports joined the Athletics Association of Thailand. and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration organized the “Golden Fly Series Thailand 2023” event, a world record athletics competition program organized in Thailand for the second time at the Khon Muang Plaza, Bangkok City Hall, with 2 sports competitions, the […]

Super cost-effective built-in refrigerator that breaks the walls TCL released 456L ultra-thin zero built-in refrigerator T9_Consumer_Fresh_Technology_Technology

Original title: Super cost-effective built-in refrigerator that breaks the wall TCL releases 456L zero ultra-thin T9 refrigerator “TCL ultra-slim zero-insert series refrigerators are perfect inserts!” On February 21, the ultra-thin zero-embedded series refrigerators were officially released at the TCL Refrigerator Spring New Product Launch Conference 2023. Among them, the T9 ultra-thin zero-embedded TCL refrigerator realizes […]

Daily wine company news | Jia Guangming, chairman of Golden Seed Liquor, resigns; Dahao Technology will reassess the acquisition of Red Star_Investment_Series_Company

Original Title: Daily News of Wine Enterprises | Jia Guangming, chairman of Golden Seed Liquor, resigns; Dahao Technology will reassess the acquisition of Red Star Liquor stocks weaken, wine ETF falls more than 1% On February 23, the wine ETF weakened in early trading, falling more than 1%. Among the heavyweight stocks, Gujing Gongjiu fell […]

Completed and ready to pour! Netflix doesn’t stream movies even after they’re made. Until the creator has to offer to sell to other owners instead of | Brand Inside

Or will Cancel Culture be Netflix’s new corporate culture? But Cancel Culture doesn’t mean banning famous people for bad behavior. But it also means slowly canceling movies and series that Netflix has deemed unsuccessful. Netflix has long been criticized by its users for abandoning sequels to their favorite series, which the company considers unsuccessful and […]