SET INDEX closes +1.52 pips despite profit taking

Thai stocks, although swinging all day, but still closing the market +1.52 points, the broker pointed to investors that the US inflation figure came out as expected. thus causing some selling pressure causing stocks to swing in a narrow frame Ready to look at the investment framework tomorrow, support at 1,670 and 1663 points, while […]

Buying strength in energy stocks supported SET closed +11.38 points.

Thai stocks closed +11.38 points, brokerage pointed out that buying energy and technology stocks to support the market Comply with foreign stock markets Received the benefit of the Fed chairman not accelerating the QE reduction. Assessing the investment framework tomorrow. Support at 1,675 points and resistance at 1,685 points. The Thai stock market closed for […]

ICT-electronics-energy stocks support pushing Thai stocks to close +10.06 points

Thai stocks closed up +10.06 points, analysts pointed out buying in the ICT sector. Energy sector adjusted according to oil prices. and electronic components to support the market pushing Thai stocks to move in positive territory Suggest to keep an eye on the inflation numbers Ready to assess the investment framework resistance at 1,675 points, […]

Fed raises interest rates, cuts balance sheet Press Thai stocks to fall -23.76 points.

Thai stocks fell -23.76 points, analysts pointed out the Fed signaled a rate hike, a balance sheet cut. Investors worried about liquidity impact Assess tomorrow’s support at 1645-1,650 points and resistance at 1665-1670 points. The Thai stock market closed for trading on January 6, 2022, dropping by more than -23.76 points or -1.42%, closing at […]

Energy-refinery stocks supported the SET INDEX to close +6.51 points.

Broker pointed to support for energy-refinery stocks Pushing Thai stocks to close the market +6.51 points, benefiting the outcome of the OPEC Plus meeting and from rising crude oil prices Assessing the investment framework tomorrow, support at 1,650-1658 points and resistance at 1,680-1,685 points The Thai stock market closed for trading on January 5, 2022, […]

Support for the SSF-RMF fund pushed Thai stocks to close +11.81 points.

Thai stocks closed +11.81 points, broker pointed out that the market eases concerns about the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic. It was also supported by the acquisition of SSF and RMF funds and Window Dressing to help drive the index up strongly. Assessing the investment framework tomorrow at support at 1640 points and resistance at […]