biopic Shane Vaughan; Accident during shooting, actors injured

Melbourne – Actors injured in accident during filming of Australian cricket legend Shane Warne’s biopic. In the film called ‘Vonnie’, Alex Williams, who plays Vaughn, and Marne Kennedy, who plays Simone, Vaughn’s ex-wife, were injured during the shooting. International media reported that both of them were injured while shooting a bedroom scene in the film. […]

World’s ‘Hottest’ Grandma Reveals Key Relationship – Shane Warne | Sports activities

Melbourne – Australia’s Only social media fan Gina Stewart has unveiled her solution marriage with Australian cricket legend Shane Warne. She claimed that she had been in standard make contact with with Shane Vaughan until eventually his dying. Gina Stewart describes herself on her social media handles as ‘The World’s Most popular Grandma’. The 51-yr-old […]

Shane Warne Death unknown German lady found in ambulance | Shane Warne Death: An unidentified German woman in an ambulance carrying Shane Warne’s body; Australian media report security breach

Bangkok : The mystery surrounding the accidental demise of spin legend Shane Warne is on the rise. An unidentified German woman has been found in an ambulance carrying the body of an Australian actor. The presence of a German woman in the ambulance carrying the star’s body has been in the news amid allegations that […]