“Krungthai Inverse Floater” hidden derivative debentures. Investors subscribe for almost 5,000 million baht. Prepare to issue “multiple models” this July.

  Krung Thai Bank Krungthai Inverse Floater has nearly 5,000 million baht in total subscription for bonds, preparing to issue a “multiple version” this July, responding to investors during high market volatility. With the outstanding feature of protecting the principal 100%, creating a sustainable return Mr. Rawin Boonyanusas Executive Vice President Money Market Capital Market Business […]

Fujifilm continues to penetrate the professional camera market in Thailand, launching the latest mirrorless camera `FUJIFILM X-H2S`.

Fujifilm enters the camera market Professional in Thailand launchedThe latest mirrorless camera “FUJIFILM X-H2S” Raises the automatic focusing technology system. For continuous shooting and excellent video quality Fujifilm launches digital mirrorless cameraThe FUJIFILM X-H2S” (X-H2S) is the latest in the X-series family to be recognized for its high image quality, stacked BSI X-Trans CMOS 5 […]

Daily SET50 Futures (June 27, 2022)

price trend SET50 Index Futures swing up marketUS stockspositive force Factors affecting SET50 last fridayDowclosed up 823 points (+2.68%) to close at 31,500 points byS&P Index It rose more than 3 percent, the biggest single-day gain as a percentage point since 2020, after investors were worried about the hike plans.interest rateof the US Bank andinflation […]

Summary of stock market, oil, gold and foreign money markets

Indices and stock market conditions, oil, gold and foreign money markets on 24 Jun 2022 — The Dow New York Stock Exchange ended up more than 800 points on Friday (June 24) as investors eased concerns about the Federal Reserve’s rate hike plans after the economy signaled a slowdown. and commodity prices have declined in […]

Cialis 5mg Health Insurance Benefit – Yespick – Hot News YesNews

Tadalafil 5mg Health Insurance Benefits Both 20mg Cialis and 5mg Cialis are not included in the health insurance benefits. When purchasing medicines at your own expense, are you advised to buy Cialis 5mg? Cialis has not been included in the scope of health insurance benefits, and can only be purchased at your own expense. With […]

Cialis 5mg Prostate – Yespick – Hot News YesNews

Cialis 5mg Prostate Cialis 5mg daily tablet can effectively treat and prevent symptoms such as prostate hypertrophy. Daily use can effectively prolong erection persistence time and enhance erection hardness, and treat impotence and erectile dysfunction. The dose is small and has no side effects. Indian Cialis Cialis 5mg daily tablet for the treatment of erectile […]

Diabetes Can’t Get Hard – Yespick – Hot News YesNews

Diabetes is hard Impotence and some diseases are related to taking hypoglycemic drugs. Men with diabetes, depression, Wigra’s disease, heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases are more likely to fail than men with high blood sugar. Impotence and blood pressure drugs and aphrodisiac drugs can be a warning sign of a potential disease […]