JS Entertainment’s Project Group Juju Secret Reveals Impressive Music Revenue

Juju Secret’s Music Revenue Revealed on MBC Entertainment Program October 21, 2023 During the recent episode of MBC’s entertainment program ‘What do you do when you hang out?’, JS Entertainment’s project group, Juju Secret, showcased their new appearance. Yoo Jae-seok, the CEO of JS Entertainment, emphasized the company’s focus on profit and performance during the […]

Individual Investors Take Action to Reform Delisted Companies Amid Interference and Threats

Investors Pursue Corporate Reform Amidst Delisting Threats If a company is delisted due to illegal actions by its management, the damage to investors can be severe. In response, a group of individual investors has recently taken matters into their own hands, raising funds and actively working towards reform within these companies. However, some firms are […]

Stark Corporation Postpones Special Audit, Extending Second Round Due to Frozen Assets and Business Disruptions

Stark Corporation Postpones Special Audit, Impacting Business Partners and Customers Extended Deadline for Second Round Raises Concerns Stark Corporation recently announced the postponement of its Special Audit, extending the deadline until September 29, 2023. This decision comes as a result of frozen assets, causing disruptions and affecting the confidence of the company’s business partners and […]

The open mind of “Khan Ngern Thaitanium” thinks big and revives “MPIC”

It’s time to think big along with the roadWicha Poolvoralaks Mr Chief Executive Officer BIG which is a major shareholder MPIC At that time, he was interested in finding a partner. Synergy Partners understandEntertainment business who understood that Khun Vicha at that time negotiated with many people But we see this as an opportunity and […]

TSMC: Starting this year, the annual dividend will start at 12 yuan, and future growth can be expected – Free Finance and Economics

TSMC noted that the annual dividend will start at 12 yuan from the beginning of this year, and the increase can be expected in the future (photo by reporter Hong Youfang) [Adroddiad Gohebydd Hong Youfang/Hsinchu]TSMC (2330), the leading wafer foundry, held a shareholder meeting today (6th). Shareholders are concerned about TSMC’s future dividend policy. The […]

SCG Decor submits a filing to the Stock Exchange of Thailand

SCG Decor continues to submit filings for listing on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. is the core company in the face care and toiletries business SCG listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand After COTTO shareholders gave confidence to approve the delisting plan from the stock market. and took part in a major restructuring Confident […]