PowerWash Simulator Gets Final Fantasy VII-Themed DLC – GameSpot

address: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cn With PowerWash Simulator being one of the best games of 2022, it feels like the entire world of video gamers is taking the time to clean things up. As always, when something becomes extremely popular, more people want to have fun, and this game is no exception. Now Square Enix […]

Elden Ring Players Think DLC Could Be Coming Soon

Article: Alex Hopley – Gamereactor.cn Elden Ring players have seen a new update to the beta branch of the game in Steam. Since the last time this happened was before the Colosseum update was rolled out, many assumed there would be another content update soon. This could come in the form of a major DLC […]

Play Assetto Corsa Competizione and Mowing Simulator for free this weekend

address: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cn Free Play Days is an Xbox program that offers Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers a selection of free games to enjoy every weekend for free. Now, this week’s selection has been revealed on Xbox Wire, and it’s pretty vehicle-based – but there’s still a lot of variation. […]

Hogwarts Legacy is said to have Over 100 Side Quests

Article: Alex Hopley – Gamereactor.cn We know that Hogwarts Legacy will be an expansion game, but it will reportedly include more than 100 side quests along with its main campaign. In addition, each additional objective will have characters related to the main story. Speaking to GamesRadar, Narrative Director Moira Squier said : “The main storyline […]

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide Delayed Xbox Series Fixes PC Version

address: Eirik Hyldbakk Furu – Gamereactor.cn Patrick wasn’t the only one who gave Warhammer 40,000: Darktide a very positive review when it launched on PC last November, but the game didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations. Fans are particularly picky about the leveling and crafting systems – two important aspects of the game. They have […]

Trek to Yomi is coming to Switch next week

address: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cn We’ve really liked the Kurosawa-inspired adventure game Trek to Yomi since it was released last May on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It’s time to get more people involved, now that the Switch release date has been confirmed. As it turns out, this very unique samurai game is coming out on […]

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR delayed until March

address: Eirik Hyldbakk Furu – Gamereactor.cn Remember last week when I wrote about the PlayStation VR2 launch game and Sony took great care to note that parts of the lineup would arrive within a month of the hardware’s release? Well, one of the games we thought was ready on day one will now arrive in […]

Feargus Urquhart wants to make another Fallout game

address: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cn Feargus Urquhart is one of the key figures behind the Fallout series, starting in 1997 as a department director on the original game and rising to designer and producer on Fallout 2, released in 1998. Afterwards Bethesda bought the rights to the series, and Urquhart was one of the co-founders […]

Monster Hunter Rise Gets PlayStation And Xbox Launch Trailer

address: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cn Starting today, more people can join the monster hunt in Capcom’s acclaimed Monster Hunter Rise, which is now available on PlayStation and Xbox after initially being a Switch exclusive (followed by a PC release in 2022). Monster Hunter Rising was a single player game that didn’t have all the multiplayer […]