Jae-seok Yoo + Lee Mi-joo attended Antenna Christmas Carol release

Antenna’s 2021 Christmas carol ‘See you here again next winter’ music video teaser has been released.On the 29th, the agency Antenna released the music video teaser for DS ‘See you here again next winter’ through the official SNS, raising expectations for the new song. The released video shows the antenna artists enjoying a pleasant year-end […]

‘I Live Alone’ CL hosts Sandara Park’s housewarming exhibition

2NE1 members reunited in ‘I Live Alone’. The leader CL (CL) appears in the eldest sister Sandara Park’s housewarming, raising expectations by foretelling a housewarming event that never ends with laughter and nagging. The two will show off their chemistry that is stronger than when they were in 2NE1’s active duty, and they plan to […]

[포토] Director Cha Jin-woo, ‘Ideal’ to the world of fake documentaries

Director Cha Jin-woo poses at the press preview for the movie ‘Impossible’ held at the entrance of Lotte Cinema Konkuk University in Seoul on the afternoon of the 22nd. ‘Irregularity’ is a ‘fake documentary’ that captures daily life on a camcorder for 15 days in order to reveal the reality of the ‘ideal being’ that […]

“Kim Gun-mo not accused of sexual assault? It’s ridiculous”… Notice of appeal against Ga Se-yeon [종합]

In relation to singer Kim Gun-mo’s acquittal of sexual assault, the YouTube channel ‘Garosero Research Institute’, which first raised the allegation, announced that it would appeal.On the 18th, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office for Children’s Crime Investigation Division (Director Prosecutor Kim Won-ho) decided not to prosecute Kim Gun-mo’s sexual assault allegation after passing the […]