mRNA vaccine may reduce serious skin cancer | TNN HEALTH

mRNA vaccines can reduce serious skin cancer mRNA vaccines have been known and talked about a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because it is one of the vaccine production technologies that can stimulate the immune system to create high anti-virus protection. Recently, the study of vaccine effectiveness found that this type of vaccine is not […]

The lesion removed during Biden’s examination was basal cell carcinoma

On the 4th (local time), President Joe Biden visited the Brandywine Church in Greenville, Delaware, USA to attend a weekend Mass./Reuters Yonhap News Foreign media such as Reuters reported on the 4th (local time) that the lesion removed by US President Joe Biden during a health checkup last month was confirmed to be carcinoma, and […]

Biden was diagnosed with skin cancer, the cancerous tissue was successfully removed – news

Share Tweet Share Share E-mail All of the cancerous tissue was successfully removed, White House physician Kevin O’Connor said Friday. Biden will continue dermatological monitoring as part of his ongoing health care, but the biopsy site has healed and no further treatment is required, the White House physician added. Last month, doctors declared Biden (80) […]

A sudden appearance, ‘skin cancer’? 5 things to check

Sunlight is essential for us to produce vitamin D. But too much is harmful. Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause fatal skin problems, a representative example of this being ‘skin cancer’. The sudden appearance could be ‘skin cancer’Skin cancer is a generic term for the abnormal, ie malignant, overgrowth of cells that make up skin […]

Aunt goes with her best friend to see a dermatologist… The result of “diagnosing cancer alone” scared the doctor and exposed: you can see it immediately | INTERNATIONAL | QUANTITY

The aunt took her best friend to see a dermatologist, and was told she had cancer. (Photo / Retrieved from Weibo) A woman called Li returned from mainland China to her hometown during the Mid-Autumn Festival. During the conversation, she chatted with her boyfriend surnamed Hu. The other party mentioned that there were more and […]