How to keep your hair thinning and hair loss worse during menopause? [모락모락]

The age of 10 million people with hair loss. [모락모락(毛樂毛樂)]is a special article for those who are losing precious hair. Together with Maxwell dermatologists, we provide clear answers to various hair loss information and questions. Menopause. As you age, your sex hormones decrease and your body undergoes drastic changes. Hair loss is one of the […]

M3GAN, a movie that will make you afraid of AI and robots!?

“M3GAN” or “Megan” Is a new movie released in Thai cinema on January 12, 2023. The story tells about the latest toy robot. To become our friends (children / children) in the future after watching this film. There are several points where the film tells an interesting story about technology. and extremely scary In this […]

Review M3GAN (Megan) brutally! New best friend, play big, play a lot!

Megan (M3GAN) Amazing Artificial Intelligence She is a doll full of life. She was programmed to be a child’s best friend. and parents’ best friend But if one day those command programs Create a horror that is difficult to control! Gemma has developed a robotic babysitter. Named M3GAN, he took her home to befriend and […]

Seasun Therapeutics registered a domestic patent for a skin-penetrating antisense PNA treatment… Expanding original platform technology

SEASUN Therapeutics (CEO Kim Hye-joo), a company specializing in new drug development, developed POLIGO, a source technology using artificial nucleic acid (PNA), to overcome the drawback that existing antisense oligonucleotide treatments ( ASO) penetrates the skin without a separate carrier It was announced on the 10th that it has registered a patent for the expansion […]