Key city of the Mayans is already a World Heritage Site

Tak’alik Ab’aj (“Standing Stone” in Mayan-K’iche’) houses a stele in which Olmec and Mayan inscriptions converge, proof that this city witnessed the transition between cultures. Credit: Johan Ordoñez / AFP The site was a commercial city inhabited initially by the Olmecs (1,500 BC to 100 AD) and then by the Mayans in the middle preclassic […]

[핀테크 칼럼]Tips for stabilizing the virtual asset market

Due to the bankruptcy filing of FTX, a global virtual asset exchange, and BlockFi, a virtual asset lending company, and the elimination of Wimax, a KOSDAQ-listed company, the virtual asset market is showing a state of confusion and price collapse both at home and abroad . In November last year, the price of Bitcoin, which […]

“The World Cup is running… The theme coin is running” – ETNews

As the Qatar 2022 World Cup kicks off, football themed coins such as the World Cup and football players have appeared one after the other. According to CoinMarketCap, a virtual asset analysis site, on the 22nd, Chiliz, a representative sports fan token, was the 4th most visited virtual asset in the last 24 hours. Considering […]

The sudden summer weather… Daegu’s highest daytime temperature is 29 degrees

Many tourists and citizens visit Gyeongpodae, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom on the 9th, showing early summer weather. yunhap news Early summer weather is expected to continue, with the highest temperature rising to 30 degrees on the 10th. The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that the whole country would fall on […]

Siamrajthanee brings Top Chirayus, CEO of Bitkub, to join the company’s board

Siamrajthanee brings Top Chirayus, CEO of Bitkub, to join the company’s board Date 27 Dec 2021 time 23:26 Siamrajthanee brings Top Chirayus, CEO of Bitkub, to join the company’s board Strengthen SO strategy, ready for business in 2022 Mr. Nattapon Wimolchalao, Chief Executive Officer of Siam Rajathanee Public Company Limited or SO, a leader in […]

Malayalee nun among those stranded in Afghanistan | Manorama Online

Kabul: A Malayalee nun was among those stranded in Afghanistan. Sister Teresa Krasta of Bela Periyadukka, Kasargod, was trapped in Kabul. PBK Italiana in Kabul was running a day care institution. The day care center is located near Kabul Airport. The sister informed the family that she was receiving food and water and that it […]